Music Is My Olny Escape
Her bright pink hair glistened in the sun, her mouth in a wide smile. “Hey, Cat!” She called to me, waving a golden hand. My white hightop sneakers thumped onto the wet ground and then came back up again as I ran to meet her. It had just rained and the beautiful evergreen trees were dripping water on me as shiny dew drops settled on her golden skin.
“Hey, Crystal!” I shouted at her as I ran. My pink beats almost slipped off my head, as I grasped them and kept on running towards her, my blue hair whipping behind me. I had just dyed it recently. I halted to a stop afew feet away from her to catch my breath. “It’s...” I gasped. “So good to...” I took a minuet to breathe again. “See you!” I looked up at her blue-green eyes. Our eye color was almost the same.
I closed my eyes and caught back up with my breath. I opened my eyes to see her shinning face smiling at me. She backed up and just kept smiling at me.
“Cat!” She said, throwing her arms around me in a big hug. “I haven’t seen you in sooooo long!” She cried. I laughed a little back. “And I haven’t seen you in quite a while, Crystal!” I said, as she released me from her bear hug.
“So...” Crystal looked at me. “How’s it been?” She questioned. I just shrugged and shook my head as a droplet of water settled on my nose. I looked up at the trees for a slip second, but than back to Crystal.
I sighed. “I’m so sorry,” I said to her. Crystal just looked, confused, into my eyes. “About what? You never did anything wrong!” She said, stepping closer to me. Her sea-blue T-shirt blew against my orange tank top as the breeze began to pick up, and her loose, dark-blue shorts almost touched my long jeans.
“I haven’t been coming to visit you!” I told her. “I was grounded...I got into another fight at school the other day, and my mom took away my music for two weeks.” I told Crystal. She just frowned, and placed a golden hand on my shoulder.
“Awww, it’s not your fault,” she assured me. “You were just standing up for yourself, I’m sure!” She said. I just signed again. “It was Julie know how she’s always picking on me!” I muttered. “Oh, don’t even talk about it.” I waved a hand as Crystal opened her mouth to say something. “I can take ‘er” I said, nudging Crystal in the arm and winking. She just winked back, as to say ‘I know you can’
“Well,” I muttered, looking at my watch. “I should be getting back now.” I told Crystal. “It’s almost time for me to go to sleep. My parents will be wondering where I am.” I said, and Crystal hugged me good bye.
“I’ll miss ya, Catie.” She said. I nodded and hugged her back. “You too, Crystal.” I said, and she let me out of her arms. I smiled, waved, and put both hands on either side of my headphones, ready to go back to my world, out of the world of music.
Once my smile faded, I tugged on my headphones, sliding them off. As the sound of Bruno Mars’s song “That’s What I Like” faded from my ears, my eyes shut as if being forced to, and I got a sinking feeling in my stomach, like I was going to throw up. I felt cold, like waves of a freezing ocean were washing over me.
Still grasping my headphones, I opened my eyes, and looked around me. No beautiful green trees. No white sky or blue clouds. No Crystal. Just me and my room. I looked at my white dresser, which had the top of it decorated with clay figures I had made and paintings, along with framed family photos and a fish bowl. My blue-and-red beta fish, Blazer, swam around in his bowl, which had a jade dragon statue and some fake green water plants, along with blue and white pebbles at the bottom.
I collapsed on my bed, which had covers depicting a painted meadow and pillows that matched. I just loved nature, and had numerous things that included it scattered throughout my room. Just than, I heard my moms voice outisde my white bedroom door. My whole room was painted white, and I liked it that way.
“Honey, dinners ready, come out when your ready!” She called. “Alright, mom!” I said back to her, taking my silver iPod out of my pocket and turning off the music. I put it down, along with my beats, and opened the door, ready to go out of my room for dinner.
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