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Hi, I’m Marley!
Hey, I’m Marley-Anna Jadina Finn, I’m fifteen, I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
And as you probably guessed, I am a mute, I can’t talk whatsoever, I had my voice box removed when I was twelve, I had chronic bronchitis from when I was ten till I was twelve, it was so painful that the medics took it out.
I don’t do much with my life, being a mute highly limits your social and professional life, the few friends I have only ever stick around out of sympathy, as I’m fifteen I have a Saturday job, I work at a greasy-spoon diner washing dishes and cleaning, from 7pm-1am, I get paid $3 an hour, but my Mom usually takes most of it to by alcohol, my parents divorced when I was eight-years-old, every day from 11am-4pm Schenley Plaza is my creative safe-haven from the stresses of life, I get a coffee and sit on a bench.
Seeing as I can’t talk instead I write, it allows me to disappear from my boring, anxious life and get taken away to a colourful fantasy, I like Schenley Plaza because out of all the parks in Pittsburgh, it is the only park I’ve been in where nobody talks to you, I like it that way,
It means I don’t have to give an awkward explanation about why I can’t talk, and then there’s that embarrassing silence afterwards.

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