Laurie- a simple towngirl -finds a magical dairy
My Cup of Chai
Greetings- The First Conversation with The Magical Diary
Em, hi! My name is Laurie James, and I work at a café in the small town of Edensborough. And you are?
I’m the Magic Diary. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Laurie. How was your day? How did it go?
Pretty good, actually, thank you for asking.
It’s a Monday, so I woke up at 4 am, brushed my teeth, changed into a pink cashmere sweater, and walked over to town.
What did you do at the town?
Well, I felt hungry, so I went over to Town Square, met up with my friends- Beth, Annie and Nora, then we took a left from there and made our way to the Town’s Market Streets. We did our groceries there.
May I have a look at your shopping list?
Erm, oh, yes, of course!
Here you go.
This week’s shopping list-
From the Japanese Stall-
●Wasabi Powder
Interesting... Show me more, please.
Er, sure!
From the corner shop-
●One box of Carrie’s Caramel Sweeties
●Three pots of Ink Refills
●New pair of gloves and apron
That’s about it.
Good, good, but what about some other fruits and vegtables?
I grow them myself, you see, in the garden behind my cottage, in my backyard.
Ah, and what about bread?
I bake my own bread.
Of course, but what if you are in need of some dips or sauces -
All homemade.
Yes, yes, and I didn’t see milk on list -
I didn’t feel the need to place ‘milk’ on the list as I make it a habit to collect two bottles of milk every morning from a vendor at town square.
Mm, yes, makes sense. And meats?
I’m actually a vegetarian, yet I still can’t resist seafood.
All very fine, but I was also wondering about why you would want to buy three pots of ink refills.
Oh! Yes, the refills... Um, how do I say this... you see... um... I write, okay, I write a lot - I write stories, and poems, and I, I also used to write in a proper diary, before I found you- a magical diary- at my door step. I wouldn’t normally trust a magical object like yourself- it reminded me horribly of The Diary of Tom Riddle. But, but, there was was something in your voice that I felt familiar, as though I had heard it before. So, I felt I could trust you.
Uh, should I go on?
Yes, please.
So, yeah, after my groceries, Josie, Nora and I went back to Town Square, and I collected 2 bottles of milk.
Yes, as you had mentioned earlier.
Yes, then we went down to the West Riverbank, and crossed the ancient cobblestone bridge to the East Riverbank.
Mmhm, and what did you do there? Collect water?
Well, of course we didn’t. My cottage is modern enough to have a decent tap for clean running water!
Pfffffff, alright...
Anyway, Café Eden is located on the East side of Edensborough, and that’s exactly where we were headed.
You and both of your two friends all work there, right?
Right. But before going there, we went to the town’s famous Indian Chai Stall, and drank some tea. After that, we left for the café.
Author’s Note-
For all those who think that the person in the diary is like Tom Riddle, or a creepy stalker or something, he isn’t! He was actually a significant part of Lauren’s life. But who is it then? That’s a surprise for another time, my friend. Keep reading until then!

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