When your dad’s a genius,anything is possible
My E.B.F.
Last summer,my mother diagnosed me with “anti-social-itis.” A disease she made up but, insisted was a real thing. According to my mother, I wasn’t exactly “friendly.” It wasn’t my fault I didn’t have any friends. My family moves around too much for making friends.
You see, it is entirely my mother’s fault. She is the famous nature photographer, Midge Ericson. She has to travel a lot to take pictures of different things in nature. Since last summer, my family has been in Free Falls, Maine for my mother to take photos of some moose to sell online on E-Bay.
The only person who seems to enjoy moving in the Ericson Household is my father, Micheal Ericson. He is a computer genius and works for G.C. Inc. Last summer, my mother decided that my father should use his skills to help me. He created a Tara, my E.B.F. Or my Electronic Best Friend.
Tara is a virtual bubble-gum pink bunny who moves and talks. She lives in a tablet Dad created. She can move to virtual rooms on the tablet. Tara went everywhere with me and helped me a lot this year.
This year, I was going to Free Falls Middle School. Tara changed me. My mother was right, for once.

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