Autism meets Mother
My Mom
My Love
“Astrid?” Ali came in my room. “Outside. Now.” I said. “Need help?” He asked. “No. Outside. Please.” “Marisol!” He yelled “No yelling. Please.” I asked, without asking. “Ali. No yelling. It hurts her ears.” Mom said, “Are you okay?” She held my face in her hands. “I’m sorry.” I cried.
My name is Kella. Astrid Kella. I don’t know why my dad left us. Mom says it’s because he couldn’t handle an autistic daughter. I don’t believe her. I think he left to show me the world. I’m glad he wants to show me the world. In two weeks, Mom, Ali, and I are going to Mexico. I don’t want to go because no one speaks our language. Dad went to Europe. Somewhere in Europe. I want to go to Europe. Someday. Someday I’ll go to Europe, with Dad. Someday I will. Someday.

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