My Medical Romance
I am Willow Aiyanna Neno. It’s ironic that my middle name means eternal blossom. I am 17. And I’m almost dead. Where should I start? I guess I should start from the beginning. I was born on August 19th, 2001. I was born with sepsis. It’s a disease caused by bacteria in the bloodstream, a condition known as bacteremia. These bacteria produce toxins that provoke a response by the body’s immune system. The effect of the toxins combined with the response of the immune system brings about the disease. Bacteremia may resolve on its own or it can lead to sepsis if the bacteria are not removed by the immune system. Mine wasn’t removed. It was very dangerous because I was an infant. But I survived. But, a few days after my 6th birthday, it came back. I survived. And when I was 14, it came back. Again, I survived. But a few months ago, it appeared again. And this time, there is nothing we can do. They tried but it’s already taken over 56% of my body. It’s too strong. But I’m lucky. Most infants born with this disease don’t survive. I’m homeschooled. My only friends are my 17,678 snapchat followers, 19,749 instagram followers and my support group for kids with diseases like mine. And Olivia. She’s been my best friend through all of this. These past few months though, we’ve grown apart. We still talk and message. But she’s got new friends. And a boyfriend. She’s 18. She’ll be going to college in a few months. I was supposed to go with her. But I’ll still be here. I might not even be alive. I log onto my message board for my support group.
Willow_Moon: I am done with homeschooling for the day. Anyone here?
Jason_Space: I am here
Willow_Moon: I’ve seen you before. What’s your name?
Jason_Space: I’m not sure I should tell you that. You could be a deranged lunatic that hunts little kids and kills them.
Willow_Moon: Well If I decide to become a boy, I’ll let you know
Jason_Space: So you’re a girl?
Willow_Moon: Well, my name is Willow
Jason_Space: That doesn’t mean anything
Jason_Space: What’s your name?
Willow_Moon: Willow Aiyanna Neno
Jason_Space: Nice name. I’m Jason.
Willow_Moon: Thanks. Nice to meet you Jason.
Jason_Space: Nice to meet you too Willow.

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