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Yeti/Taun Taun creature
This monster’s origins are unknown. Some montologists (people who study cute monsters) think that its a cross between yetis and taun tauns. This could be true, yet it possibly can’t. That can happen because they both live in freezing cold temperatures. Why it can’t be true is because yetis live in the Himalayan mountain range whereas taun tauns live in a different galaxy. Plus body shape and structure is completely different. Smartness is also extremely different.
From what montologists have studied, these monsters are cuddly and enjoy companionship. They’d make great pets if they didn’t need to live in extremely cold climate. Speaking of climate, this monster lives in Antarctica. This creature lives for 80 years.
The yeti/taun taun creatures eat snow, frozen plants, and fish. When summer comes around, they become omnivorous.
And this information is all we know about them.

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