Can you escape from other people’s lies-let alone your own?
Mysterious lies
Not me
I wasn’t me.I don’t know who it was,but it wasn’t me.
“She did it!Get her!It was that one over there!” the crowds screamed accusations at me,it was like a million spears were being jabbed at my heart,pinning me down.
I thought they liked me,I thought they were my friends...
I was not dreaming.It was all real. She made me do it!I wept bitterly onto my bedsheets,soaking them with my endless tears. I only tried! I thought again and remembered -remembered what happened...
“Go on,touch it!I know you want it!”Shirley cooed at me as I longingly gazed at the crystal quartz earrings in the jewellery-shop window.
“Its you who wants the earrings, Shirley.Besides,I don’t have and I don’t want my ears pierced. And I AM NOT stealing those earrings for you.”
I had made it plain that I wasn’t going to commit a crime for my so called ‘friend’,but she carried on at me,threatening to leave me in the closed shop by myself for the whole night!And,believe it or not, that is what she did.
It all happened so quickly.A real thief darted into the shop through an open window,saw me,cackled evilly and stole the earrings along with a few necklaces and bangles.Just like that!I stood there,dumbstruck, not knowing what to do.I was too slow.
“Hey!You,girly!What do you think you are doing in a closed shop at this hour!You are only young-14 maybe.You have no business meddling around with expensive jewellery, let alone stealing it!Turn out your pockets!”
The scary policeman screamed it all out at me as I just stood and stared at the empty jewellery cabinet.
As I reluctantly turned out my pocets(containing my phone ,a messy,old notepad and a leaky pen),I suddenly burst out in tears,crying my eyes out screaming “ It wasn’t meeee!!!!!
And that is all I remembered.I now lay in my bed ,remembering the cruel crowds chanting earlier on that night...
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