A Mystery with a mysterious name
Fading Forever
I Am A Bunny
I am a bunny. My name is Dana, and I have one brother, and one sister, Grass, and Charlotte. We all live in Rabbit Country, a place where only bunnies live. I love Rabbit Country, where there aren’t any silly humans to spoil our fun.
I like our little thatched cottage, with a tire swing out back. I like our tiny town, Rabbit Ville, where my entire huge family lives. Our family is a small one compared to the rest of our relatives, believe me. We were all safe, peaceful, and living harmoniously.
Until every thing changed.
It started, I think, when one night I was going to sneak some cookies and milk as a midnight snack. I saw Grass in the kitchen, too, and I was instantly suspicious. Why was he up at midnight? I knew my brother wasn’t a real snacking kind of rabbit.
“ Whatcha doing?” I tried to say casually, but it came out as a kind of a squeak.
“ Meeting a friend.” was all he said. I should have stopped him right then and there, but Grass hopped into the woods, and I just thought he was going to a bunny party at his friend’s house. I was wrong.
It continued for a year like this, I always looked out my window and saw him leaving, and he was always back by morning, with bags under his eyes. I really should have told Mami and Papi, but it had never bothered me. Yesterday night, a year later, I hopped outside with Grass, because, as of late, I hardly got to see him. He showed me Orion’s belt, and the Mountains in the distance. He promised that we would see them together, with Mami, and Papi, and Charlotte, one day.
But today, I woke up, and didn’t hear Grass. I heard Charlotte, and Mami, and Papi, but not Grass.
“ Grass?” I called. “ Grass, come on. Mami’s going to make pancakes! They’ll all be eaten if you don’t come soon.” Then, Papi became worried.
“ Grass? Come, Grass. This isn’t funny.” Soon enough, the whole family was calling and searching for Grass. We had searched for an hour, when we decided to go to the bunny Police. Mami and I rode our bike as fast as we could.
The whole police force was looking for Grass, Charlotte was crying, Papi was pacing, and Mami was trying to stay strong. I was telling the police about what Grass had said about the mountains. They searched the mountains, but Grass was no where to be found. It was a week into the search when I made a decision.
I had to be the one to find Grass. There would be a trail leading to him, and I, being the closest bunny to him, was the only one who could follow it. I set off the next morning, starting on the trail I had always seen Grass use.
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