A Poem
Natural Disasters
It’s so enticingly horrifying
A part of our perfectly imperfect world
You see them everywhere, all the time
But everytime, it’s an alluring sight.
You see them taking over whole cities
Like a gaping mouth eating a meal
An ocean swallows homes and shelters
And steals life from families
But those of us watching from afar
Only see the bewitching disasters
That light up forests with
Stark red flames that burn down green
Anger consuming the peaceful silence
Fear taking over the hearts of calm beauties
Swirls and twirls of white
Between masses of green and blue
From afar, it’s beauty
Up close, you see the calamity
This beauty causes
Heightening and swiveling
Round and round
Like a carousle
Round and round
Ripping up houses
Snatching away loving hearts
Along with vulnerable beings
But in the end, these are natural disasters
And nature is beauty
And these catastrophies
Are hauntingly beautiful tragedies.
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