What happens if having powers leads to unexpected danger
Need a Spark
Chapter One
Fear. It’s what keeps us from exploring news things or fighting for what you believe in. It holds us back, keeping us from branching out. Fear renders our senses useless. Alana Jensen was filled with fear. No matter how brave she looked on her first day of a new school, all she wanted to do was run back home.
That morning when her mom woke her up, she groaned in anger. This was a day she had been dreading since she found out she was moving. Being the new student isn’t fun. How would she know? This has been happening since she was three years old. Why? Well, she doesn’t know why. It’s not easy being a foster child. She’s been with many different families. Moving was something that she was use to, she didn’t like it, but she knew she had to. At least she isn’t stuck in an orphanage, where Alana has been for only a three years.
“Alana, it’s time to wake up dear” said her foster mom, Kate.
Ughh not now, not today Alana thought. She groaned as she turned onto her other side, away from Kate. “No” she said a bit sternly.
Kate sighed. She knew it was hard for Alana. Being a foster child isn’t fun. She has been with Kate and her family for only a year, but they have already grown to love her. She makes sure her family treats Alana like she’s actually apart of their family.
When she heard about how Alana found out she was an orphan, it broke her heart. When Alana was seven years old, she was moving to a new family because her old one said “they couldn’t take care of her anymore”. But Kate new the truth. The family didn’t want her anymore. They said she was a very different child. One day the saw sparks fly out of Alana’s hand. Alana made things appear and disappear with a flick of her fingers. Immediately they called the orphanage. But what they didn’t know was that Alana heard the whole conversation.
“We can’t take care of Alana anymore” the mother told the person on the other end of the phone. “There’s something wrong with her. She’s making things appear and disappear. Sparks are flying from her hands. This kid is crazy”. That was all Alana needed to hear.
When she met the next family, she acted different. She would stay in her room all day and only came out to use the restroom, eat, and go to school. The family took her to a doctor, who diagnosed her with depression. Two months later, Alana ran away. She was found a week later, covered in dirt, cuts, and very weak. She had lost a lot of weight from barely eating anything.
Kate was determined to make sure that was to never happen again. When she came to them, at the age of 13, she was very shy. Since then her confidence has boosted fast. You could say it was faster than light. Now she’s a bright and happy girl. You would never expect that she was depressed.
Kate snapped back to reality, realising the lazy teen was still in bed asleep. “Come on Lana, it’s time to get up” said Kate as she shook Alana’s shoulder. The girl didn’t budge. “Fine. I didn’t think I would have to do this but you leave me no choice.”
She grabbed Alana’s ankles and pulled her out of bed. The teen fell to the ground with an omph.
“What the heck?!” said Alana rubbing her head, which she hit on the hardwood floor.
“Come on it’s time to get ready for school” said Kate as she walked out of the room to give Alana some privacy.
Alana sighed and got up from her position on the ground. She walked towards her closet. Choosing an outfit wasn’t easy for her. First impressions are very important. Alana ended up choosing a light blue denim button up shirt, black leggings, and white Converse. She never went anywhere without Converse.
Next was makeup. Alana wasn’t the type of girl who wore lots of makeup. But she also wasn’t the type of girl not to wear makeup. After applying eyeshadow, mascara, and a bit of lip gloss, it was time for hair. Trying to control her messy hair was harder than it looks. She put her hair into a bun.
Alana paused and looked at herself in the mirror. She didn’t do this a lot because she didn’t to sound “self centered”. She had lightish brown hair. Her greenish blue eyes lit up when she smiled. Lots of freckles covered her cheeks and the bridge of her nose.
“Alana, it’s time for breakfast” yelled Kate from downstairs. Alana broke her gaze from the mirror and got up. She quickly grabbed her backpack and ran downstairs. As she entered the kitchen, a smell of fresh, homemade waffles filled her senses. That made Alana smile.
Alana has always appreciated everything Kate and her family did for her. Ever since she arrived here, she has never felt weird or out of place, like she has felt in other foster homes. She felt like she had an actual family.
Kate has two kids, a boy and a girl. Her son, Justin, is 16 years old. He was tall and had dark brown hair and brown eyes. Even though Justin and Alana didn’t along sometimes, they still liked each other’s company, Her daughter, Piper, was seven years old. She had red wavy hair and beautiful, icy blue eyes. Piper loved playing and having tea parties with Alana.
Justin and Piper were already eating when Alana walked into the kitchen. Alana grabbed her plate of food and walked over to the table to join the others.
“Looks like someone finally got out of bed today” said Justin, as Alana sat down. She rolled her eyes. He always like making sarcastic remarks.
“At least my hair doesn’t look like I just woke up” Alana replied. Justin looked up from his plate and gave her a “really?” look. She smiled sarcastically at him before continuing to eat. Piper giggled at their mini fight.
“Come on kids, it’s almost time to go” said Kate as they started to finish up their waffles. Everyone grabbed what they needed, Kate her bag and the kids their backpacks, as they walk out to the car.
The drive to school consisted of Alana and Justin fighting, Kate yelling at them, and Piper giggling. You could call Piper the Giggle Monster. She never stops. As soon as they dropped of Piper, it was time to drop off Alana.
As they rolled up to Columbus Middle school, fear and nervousness started to take over Alana. Middle school was a whole different story compared to Elementary school. Alana’s hands started shaking. She hoped no one would notice. Today was not the day to embarrass herself. When they came to a stop outside, Alana gathered her stuff and got out.
“Have fun!” said Kate as she smiled. She was excited for Alana.
“Don’t be a loser” said Justin, giving her words of “encouragement.”
“The only loser here is you” said Alana walking away. She didn’t even wait for him to respond. It would usually be him yelling back at her and Kate telling her to be nice. That’s how it always was.
Walking through the front door was like walking into a new world. A world where if you didn’t fit in, you were nobody. Taking a deep breath, Alana started her descent into the world of middle school.
All eyes were on her, like they were looking at the President. Whispers filled the hallways.
“Who’s that?”
“Is that a new girl?”
I guess everyone was nervous/excited to see her. Alana didn’t know if that was good or not. But she shook off that feeling and kept walking, as the kids continued to stare.
After getting her locker, locker combo, and finding it’s location, the staring started to stop. Only a few people looked at her. Some of them smiled at her, which she returned, and waved. A few people even came up and said hi to her. Are all middle schools like that? Alana wondered to herself.
As she continued to put some stuff into her locker, Alana heard footsteps behind her. Turning around, she saw a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her smile could light up the dark night sky.
“Hi, you must be new here” she said still smiling.
Alana smiled back. “Yeah I am” she said.
“Welcome then” she said. “I’m Kassidy”
“I’m Alana” Alana felt the fear inside her start to die down. Not much, but a little.
“Do you need help finding your classes?” Kassidy asked.
“Yes I do” Alana answered. “Do you know where room 14 is?”
“Yeah that’s just around the corner” Kassidy looked down at her schedule in her hand. “Hey I have that class too”
“Well at least I know someone in that class now” said Alana, laughing a bit.
Kassidy laughed too. Alana finished grabbing her stuff from her locker and followed Kassidy to her first class.
Maybe making friends won’t be so hard Alana thought.
All throughout the first three classes of the day Alana caught people staring. None of them even talked to her, they just stared. It made Alana uncomfortable. She hoped she wouldn’t do something stupid, knowing they would all see it.
When it finally came to lunch, Alana was relieved. No more sitting in a classroom with boring introductions to the school year. Quickly she grabbed her lunch and went to the cafeteria.
She then realized her new problem. Where to sit. She looked around the room, hoping to find Kassidy. She was the only person Alana met all day.
“Alana!” said a cheerful voice from behind Alana.
She turned around to see Kassidy walking towards her. Alana smiled.
Kassidy led her to a table where four guys and two girls were already sitting. They were all laughing, talking, and smiling together.
“Guys, this is Alana” said Kassidy said, introducing her to the group who were her friends. All eyes turned to Alana. “This is Beth, Ava, Alex, Max, Thomas, and Parker”
Kassidy took a seat next to Ava, who was next to Beth. Alex was across from Beth, then next was Max, Thomas, and last was Parker. Alana sat on the end.
“Welcome to Columbus, Alana” said the girl whose name was Ava. She had blonde hair that was pulled back into a ponytail and bright blue eyes.
“Thanks” Alana replied. As everyone started talking, Alana felt like a pair of eyes were staring at her. She looked in the direction she thought it was coming and saw that the boy across from her was staring at her. Of course, not in a creepy way, but in a curious kind of way. Alana tried not to start blushing. That boy was Parker. He had dark brown hair, with hazel eyes.
Once the boy realized Alana was looking at him, he quickly blinked his eyes and looked down like he was embarrassed. “Sorry about that” he said looking up slowly. “I didn’t realize I was staring.” He laughed awkwardly.
“Don’t worry about it” Alana said laughing a bit. He smiled at her, which she gladly returned. He had the most beautiful smile ever.
“Ahm?” they heard someone say. The two teens looked over to see everyone else staring at them. Embarrassed looks came over their face. They rested of the group laughed.
“Is that love at first sight I see?” said Max, with a light smirk on his face.
“No we were just talking” Parker replied with a mortified look on his face. The poor teen was red-faced.
“Sure you were” said Beth, giggling along with Ava and Kassidy.
“So where did you move her from, Alana” asked Parker, trying to change the subject. Alana was glad he did. That conservation was getting too weird.
But once the subject changed, Alana didn’t know how to respond to the next question, where she moved here from. Was this the time to tell them she was a foster child? It felt a bit too early to be talking about it. Plus, she didn’t want a pity party. She only wanted true friends, not ones who only talked to her because of her past. Past is the past, and she didn’t want to think about it.
“Well, I-I..” Alana stuttered. Oh my god Alana stop making a fool of yourself and say something! the girl thought. “I lived here before, just a new school”. Phew. That was weird. At least she wasn’t totally lying.
“Oh ok” said Thomas, nodding along with a few others. Parker didn’t feel like that was the complete truth, due to the fact that she stuttered. Nerves could be the reason why that happened, but he didn’t feel like it was his place to question her. Maybe another time, but definitely not now.
For the rest of lunch, they all talked and laughed together. Finally Alana felt like she had some friends. They all exchanged numbers with Alana, so they could all talk with her outside of school.
Soon the bell rang, meaning it was time to go back to sitting in a boring classroom. Getting up, they all said their goodbyes and went their separate ways.
“Alana, what’s your next class?” asked Parker.
“I think it’s PE with Mr. Dalton” she replied walking to her locker with him.
“Me too” he said smiling, opening the locker next to her. “Looks like our lockers are close too”.
“Yep” she replied, smiling back.
Afterwards, they walked together to the gym. Of course the teacher went over the class syllabus. While the whole class sat silently on the bleachers, Parker and Alana tried to not burst out laughing because of the funny jokes Parker made. Alana was very glad she met Parker, and she could tell he was happy to meet her as well.
A/N: Well that was the first chapter of Need a Spark! I hope you enjoyed it! I first started writing this as a Honors project for my Language Arts class. We had to write a novel for NanoWrimo, which is a website where people log how many words they have written for their novel. The goal is to write 50,000 words throughout the month of November. There was a goal each day of how many words you should write to stay on track and finish the goal. Sadly, I only got a little over 25,000 words, but I still decided to continue the book because I enjoyed writing it. I found a passion in writing stories. I will try to post a new chapter every few days or every week, depending on how much time I have. I’m still in school so that’s my main priority until school gets out for summer. Until then, I will try and upload as much as I can. Anyways, see you guys next time!
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