Network Available
All things wrong
NetworkAvailable. The school for technolgy, literally.
That may as well have been the school’s motto.
Every website, every app, if you were one, that was where you were sent to school, or as they would say in TextingSlang classes - Every website, every app, if u were 1, that was where you were sent 2 school.
They say that you’re unique, don’t trust them, they’re lying. I mean how many “Pinterests” were out there before I came along? The only reason we were sent here is because it got 40,000 likes on “Instagram.” I’d much rather be sent to to WifiAcademy, but they shut down years ago.
If only real humans had lasted a little longer, just enough give me a proper education, one that involved actual Maths, not just a Clouds with hologram calculators, they were to lazy to even keep the traditional pencil-cases. I sometimes can’t stop myself from gazing at Grandma’s old pencils. They even threw out the MacBook Airs and replaced them with hovering touch screens.
Did our parents even know what the “Cooks” fed us? Maybe a bowl of chips, but these chips wouldn’t be normal, they’ve been contaminated, contaminated with electricity, not to make the food, it’s in the meal. Fake energy.
They tell you that what you are learning helping you achieve your goals. What goals? What learning? The classes we have to go to? What kind of kid wants to learn “How to colour inside the lines on PaperArtist” in PictureCreator class? And SocialStudies? It may sound educational, but your really debating over “ Is Facebook more popular than Twitter” you aren’t even tought by real teachers, instead malfunctioning robots that think they know everything. The repairers have to come in every lesson to replace something.
So welcome to NetworkAvailable, the place to send your child to ensure they have a miserable life.
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