The Preview
The Acknowledge
As I went up in the sky hearing the angles sing beautifully, I knew that I entered my Neverland. I was a lost boy. In Neverland I knew that I would have quest to do, taking kids to their dreams. Life was amazing down at earth. All I remember was falling in a well protecting my brother. Which I find funny due to my name’s meaning is angle of guardian. Now I really might be one, hopefully. My eyes landed on this beautiful statue of Peter Pan near the entrance of Neverland. To my side I noticed a couple of girls’ right beside me. They gave me the look of worry. I quickly locked eyes with a boy behind me. I knew that face somewhere. As my brain clicked and turned I looked away from the boy and saw that the gate had opened. As we all entered the boy came to me and said, “Sariel, it’s me, Chance remember?” I looked at the boy shocked. He noticed me too. I replied, “Oh I thought you looked familiar” Chance looked at me with a huge grin on his face and quickly answered, “aha yes you remember!” The smell of flowers filled my nose as I inhaled. A tall lean man stepped in front of us and introduced him as Peter Pan. Eyes looked up at him in amazement. Peter Pan gave us a blinding smile. It was beautiful. We all looked like rags compared to his clothing, a white robe, a flower crown, and soft as sheep fur shoes. While I had on, an old ripped shirt (my daily clothing), holed jeans, and ragged shoes. Chance looked the same but his bright blue eyes made him look cleaner. No one can blame us although, the city’s water has been polluted for months giving us nothing but to wash up in the lake. Giggles filled my ears as I turned my head realizing I had been staring at the tall handsome man in front of me. I turned away feeling my checks turn red. It seemed as if everyone had blue eyes and blond hair, rather than me with the boring brown eyes and hair. An announcement went on stating, “welcome all new angles, Sariel, Aella, Chance, and Lilian. Please go to the front desk to receive a badge, pixie dust, and an instructions guide on what to do next. Thank you and have a wonderful time in Neverland” I turned on my way to the front desk like everyone else and was amazed to be holding actual pixie dust, but what could this be used for? Eyes going side by side as I read the instructions, I was going to have to go on a quest to help boys and girls have their dreams come true.
After reading the instructions I headed off to my personalized room. Click went the door as I entered. It was almost as if I was in a dream. The room smelt of cotton candy, my favorite. Every single item in that room resembled all of the things I liked. On the chair to my right there was some fresh new clothes to wear. As I was changing into the flower scented clothes an announcement went off saying,” its lunch time everyone new comers please go to the front desk if you don’t know where to go. That was me. After changing I freshened up in the community washroom. Chance, Aellon, and Lilian came to my door and said it was time to go to the front desk. We all headed off to the desk with starving stomachs. Open and close the guiders mouth went as she told us where to go and what to do for lunch, she introduced herself as Mary. Mary was somewhat like our tour guide, she showed us the way to the lunch room and left us there. Aellon was the first to speak, “Guys maybe we should enter instead of standing around.” She had a good sense of sarcasm, so I noticed. Pease, chicken, and fruit landed on our plates. It was a nice upgrade compared to what we normally had in the village. As Chance, Aella, Lilian took a seat we dug into our delicious cooked food. Stomachs full we headed off to our rooms, apparently we are all collected like a group. Thanks for reading! This is just the preview!
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