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The 411 on Storybird’s Longform Format
Longform books.
They’re not picture books. Picture books are all about the pictures and how they modulate a story: picture/words/picture/words/etc.
Longform may use artwork as a source of inspiration and to create a fancy cover, but they are all about the words.
Words. More words. And then more words. Chapter after chapter of words. (Hopefully arranged into a clever, stirring story with great characters.)
Use longform to tell stories with a big canvas, or teach/practice the craft of story, plot, and character development.
There are no word limits per chapter and you can add as many chapters as you like. We see one-pagers with 500 words and 70,000 word multi-chapter stories. (You can also call them novels, novellas, flash fiction, or short stories.)
For schools, longform is an ideal alternative to Google docs or Microsoft Word. Students find the art inspirational and a way to jump past the blank page. They can work on any device, anywhere, knowing their work is safe and accessible. And comment tools get them necessary feedback from classmates and teachers.
Teachers track progress on longform books through the Review tools, provide private or public feedback, and grade final books. Importantly, they allow their writers to develop their stories over a semester or the year, easily following along as the work changes and develops.
Professional and budding authors can cultivate their fan-base with longform, testing new stories and genres with a built-in audience of voracious readers.
Longform books can be read in the browser on any device and downloaded as ePubs, .mobi files, and PDFs. And soon they’ll be available as soft and hardcover books.
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