Fourth book of surprised superheros
New opportunities
The new and the old
“Oh, your back.” Said a voice coming from the shadows.
“Ah be quiet Amber.” Said a high pitched voice.
“You enjoy my company Astrid? No friends of your own? What a pity.”
Astrid rolls her eyes and turns to her. “We both know I’m here to guard your cell. The headmasters don’t want anyone escaping.”
“Oh, how are my old friends.”
“Abby and Blair? Oh their just as rude as you are in their cells.” Astrid puts a strand of her black hair behind her head. She was the guard it was her job to watch Amber and to make sure she didn’t escape. If she did, well it wouldn’t be good for the academy. There was already signs of people not wanting to use their powers for good.
“You really should have your voice checked out.” Amber said smirking. Ouch, Amber knows everyone’s spots. Astrid’s was her voice, she was a tough person, and her high pitched voice did not help her image.
“Oh, no comeback now eh little one?” Amber said.
“I’m older than you.” Astrid said, she finally knew something Amber didn’t.
“By a few months.” Amber said them went frozen. Confused, Astrid turned around, and they both kept quiet until the bell rang.
“Have fun in your boring class”! Amber said cheerfully.
“Better than your prison”! Astrid responded in the same tone.
Astrid glanced at her watch as she ran through the hallway, she was almost late to her English class. The poster filled hallways were quiet confusing, especially when superpowers were turned off outside of class. The bell rang right when she slipped in, and sat in the back row. Thankfully Mrs. Taylor was turned around, and marked her on time. The class was dreadfully slow, and it was a relief to get out, but had to go to an assembly.
There was more people with super powers then you would think, and they were all here. The room was filled with people. Everyone tried to get a good seat on the bleachers, it would be easier if they could use their powers.
A crackling noise sent everyone back to their seats.
“Settle down now students.” Headmistress Callie said. The Co-Headmaster looked to the other Headmasters.
“She said settle down.“ Said Headmaster Rachel trying to raise her voice, but she never could.
“SETTLE DOWN.” Said the last Headmaster, Headmaster Mia. She could raise her voice very easily. Everyone immediately became quiet and sat down. The assembly was very boring, filled with how great a school year it was. But the last few words of the Headmasters caught everyone’s attention.
“We have a project, for the summer. Rachel, would you like to explain how this will work?” Headmaster Callie said, she was the one who did more headmaster things; like organizing the classes for students.
“I would love to,” Headmaster Rachel said, she was the kindest of them all.
“Students, when I say your grade go to that Headmaster. We have many students of different age groups. Ninth grade to twelve grade please go with Headmaster Mia, and follow her out. Fifth grade to eight go with Headmaster Callie. First to Fourth please come with me, we will be heading back to your rooms, or your activity groups .”
Dashing down the bleachers Astrid ran to Headmaster Callie. Passing the younger kids carefully, making sure not to trip on them. Headmaster Callie was already almost in the hallway. Astrid followed her group down the hallway. She was just about to go to the front when a hand grabbed her. Turning around quickly, she faced the grabber. It was only Headmaster Rachel though.
“I’m actually going to need you to go to with the older kids.” She said. Astrid stared blankly at her. “You need more challenging things. Hurry though, they just went down that hallway.” The headmaster pointed down the left hallway.
Now running, she made it to the crowd. They all walked through the door one at a time. At the top of the door frame was a tiny machine that took attendance. Everyone had an id in their brain, for this purpose and for no one bad can shapeshift and enter the Academy. There are many different inventions like this one.
They were all invented by the founder of this school, Ava. She died by Ambers hand, Amber even admits it, says it was her greatest victory. Ava not only made the building, but invented almost all of the gadgets. She was a close friend to the Headmasters, though no one knows the whole backstory. Amber will happily tell everyone who will listen, but no one should trust her, it was one of the rules.
The room was filled with high school students, shoulder to shoulder crammed in on of the classrooms. With a wave of her hand, Headmaster Mia made the walls disappear; thus creating a gigantic room. Seeing the new seats the students ran to them. Headmaster Mia was not the kindest teacher, it was the best to behave as nice as you could.
“I’m not one for big speeches, which is why you all listened to Callie before this.” Mia said.
One kid in the back yelled out. “Speech!”
“You want a speech? Here it is, you survived a year. Good job, good luck for next year, you might fail. Especially when you yell out in class.”
The girl who yelled snickered loudly.
“You, girl. Stand up.”
The girl smirked and stood, tossing her black and purple striped hair. “What do you need me standing for Mia.” The rest of the students froze. You don’t call any teacher or Headmaster by their first name, it was disrespectful, especially to Headmaster Mia.
“Ah. Storm. Your one of the eighth graders, ninth graders next year. And, I have your file right here.” The Headmaster pulls a file out of the air.
“Vandalism using electricity.” Storm smiled at the memories. vandalism in the classroom, in the hallway. In the hallway four-“
“Uh no, five times in the hallway.” Storm interrupted. “And you forgot my favorite, when I burned the picture of Ava in the center room.”
Headmaster Mia twitched. “I’m giving you ten seconds to sit down and shut up.”
“What, like you scare me.” Storm said now teasing the headmaster. A fire ball flew through the air landing right on Storm’s desk.
The Headmaster walked past Astrid shaking with anger. “You don’t have your powers Storm. I can easily expand this flame and roast the tops of your hair. Or you could be a good student and sit and stay quiet.”
Storm nodded frightfully, the flame was rising over her head. Sitting quickly, Storm closed her eyes, as if she was watching a movie and all of it go away if she did. The Headmaster walked to the front of the classroom and continued her lesson.
“Now since that little episode is done, we need to wrap this up. In five minuets you will all be dismissed. Your assignment is to find someone who has powers, but have never been to the school. Find them, then immediately tell us, we don’t want them getting hurt. Convince them to follow you to here, and explain to them all of this. After you do that show them around, we will do the rest. Remember their ways are different from ours, don’t trust everything they say. They will be scared about their powers, might try to run, they might even try to hurt you. Be careful.”
The bell rings, as everyone runs out. Waiting for the crowd to leave, Astrid stays back. Storm with her powers back flies above everyone.
As nervous as Astrid was, she was excited. Who knows what could happen.
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