{make sure your dream was really a dream}
Not A Dream
Moving In
Hello, I am Rosie Lacie, people always call me by my first and middle name. My last name is Deland. So my whole name is basically: Rosie Lacie Deland. My mother Ms. Deland and I are moving to a new house. It looks old and crooked and wrecked up. I do not like the house at all, soon I will plan a runaway (I’m a wimp so... maybe I will reconsider on that plan!) and my neighbors they are all kids and they were whispering about me, and the house. I am not sure if that is a good thing or not, but it doesn’t really matter now. Well, we already unpacked quickly and had the house patched up till it looked good as new. But that’s when all of these strange things started to happen. What’s going on? My dreams are nightmares. They are terrible.
Anyway, just to start off with I finished my first day of school and am at home watching TV in the middle of the night on Friday while my Mom had just left to a three week business trip. I just chilled and laid on the couch with my fluffy blanket, and puffed up pillow. I was watching my favorite genre of movies: Horror. The movie I was watching now, was particularly reminding me of our new house. I was just watching TV it was nice, and cool. I was drinking soda and munching on popcorn and then I suddenly see the basement door in that particular house creak open. As I was too focus to pay attention my basement door was opening too. I heard the same creaks that was on the TV and I didn’t really care about it. Maybe it was just fake. Anyways, the basement door was fully open now and there was this black shadow hovering over the girl on the couch drinking soda, and eating popcorn just like me. Now, I cautiously look behind me and then I quickly take a peek at the TV and the girl is doing the same thing as me.
Until then, I realize that the girl on the TV is actually me and that whatever is happening on the TV is what’s happening in real life behind me. What did I do? Well, I ran upstairs carrying my soda and popcorn and locked myself in the room. I turned on my own TV in my own room and pushed in the channel I was watching on the remote. It showed that the dark thing was suddenly marching up to my room. I had nothing to do except block the door with a chair and my drawer. This is one strange moment. Just as I set the drawer by the door my door was banging about, and I watched the TV again. It showed a girl in a nightgown, covered up, bloody face and hands she was knocking and pounding on my door furiously like I had done something wrong. I haven’t done anything wrong. Or had I? Then the door burst open and I hear my alarm clock.
I wake up, and it’s exactly how everything was setup in my dream. My dream probably made me sleep walk. What’s going on here? This is a strange house, and I don’t know what to think of it or tell my Mom because she’s going to say I’m crazy, or maybe she planned all of this out just to see what I would do?
Suddenly I see dark figures flashing everywhere tugging on me and pulling me backwards, and then I suddenly find out I’m in my own basement.
Was I sleep-walking again?
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