Vampires love TOo
Not An Easy Romance
Chapter 1
These people are not human, but their not aliens. Their vampires. So what happens when a a vampire falls in love with a human.
Hanna has lived with her mom all her life. Her dad left them and later died. She has never had a boyfriend and does not see the point of crushes. So it’s really weird when her first crush, date, kiss, and boyfriend, is a vampire. She has had to change her identity and life to protect herself after she and Corden Harkman are targeted by other vampires. Her family thinks she is dead and only Corden knows she is alive.
“All right. I guess we can relax a little now.” “Sure. I’m just so stressed. We have lives to save, not to even mention ours, and families to hide from.” “Thanks for reminding me Corden.” Sorry. Come here, I love you.” I know. I love you too.” Hanna replied “It’s just us now. And I wanna keep it that way. Come on lets go to sleep.” But I thought vampires didn’t sleep?” “I meant you need to sleep. Ok gonna start unpacking.” “Alright.” I don’t mind waking up next to you though.”said Hanna “You’ll survive. Love ya.”
“Holy crap! Hanna started throwing up. She was dripping in blood, and looked gravely ill. When Corden found her he looked over to her neck to see she had been bitten. And the vampire was probably still in the house. “ Han, HAN! Come on, your ok. I love you you’ll be fine.” Corden didn’t know why she was reacting to the bite this way. He knew there shouldn’t of been any illness or no where close to that much bleeding. He did everything he could, but, didn’t succeed. All he could do was hope she would return. Even though he didn’t what to burden her with the life of a vampire.
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