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There once was a 12 year old girl named Carrie Moore. She loved writing. It was her passion. There was nothing she enjoyed more.
But she had one problem. A big problem for her.
She loved to write, and did it frequently, but she had no where express it! Where was she to write stories for all to see? She wanted feedback from people all around the world. But she had no way of receiving that feedback. Or so she thought.
One day, she decided to Google “writing websites for kids.” She scrolled through many pages and clicked on numerous links, and even found a few decent places, but nothing really peaked her interest.
Just when she was about to give up, she came upon an intriguing website. She clicked on the link, which she seemed somehow attracted to. She was amazed. The logo was adorable. A blue bird with a crown. Suddenly it blinked! She jumped, startled.
How interesting! She mused as she explored. The name was quite unique, Storybird. She clicked on the READ button in the top left corner, which took her too a fascinating page filled with multiple stories. Clicking on a few different ones, she came to the conclusion that there were two different story formats. There were books with multiple chapters, and ones that were all on its own.
She noticed another button beside the stories one that read Poems. Curiously she clicked on it. In awe, she gazed at the many poems on her screen. Some were humorous, others were heartfelt. Sometimes they made no sense at all!
She laid back in her chair, taking in the amazingness. She realized she had to join this website. She clicked the Sign Up For Free button in the top right corner. She arrived at a page with three options : Regular, Educator/Teacher, or Student. She clicked regular. That led her to account information creating. Out of all the age groups, she selected 8-12. Then she contemplated username ideas. Soon she decided on GiftedWriter. Then she entered her mom’s email, and created a password. Finally she clicked “Create Account.”
A page came up saying an email had been sent to her parent. So Carrie made her mom check her email, then told her about the website. Her mother seemed to approve so she checked the email and activated the account. Carrie thanked her mom and immediately signed in.
First she picked her profile picture, which was a picture of some art she had found and loved. It was a picture of a woman writing, and it coming to life from the paper. Then she explored.
She read so many great stories and couldn’t stop. She even found a series of books to chat on called APT! On the latest one, Apt 22, she introduced herself.
GiftedWriter “Hello! I’m GiftedWriter. I’m new to storybird and apt, so I just wanted to introduce myself. I also love writing and reading, and I’m very glad I found storybird!”
She clicked Post, and her comment appeared. She smiled wide.
She knew she would love this site.
Four Years Later...
Carrie logged into storybird with 257 notifications to check. She sighed and thought Another long day of scrolling through notifications. But it’s worth it.
Within a month of joining, she had bought a premium membership for a year, and continued to purchase them when they expired. She now had a total of 572 followers, 29 longform stories, 46 picture books, 367 poems, and 50,000 reposts. The current apt was Apt 42, and the particular day was her 4 year anniversary on Storybird. So she made a comment on there.
GiftedWriter “Today is my 4 year anniversary of being on storybird. I just want to thank everyone! All 572 of my followers, and anyone else on storybird. I’ve made so many friends and since the day I joined, everyone has helped me so much to improve my writing. When I first created my account, I wasn’t sure why I picked GiftedWriter for my username. But now I know. I have been gifted with storybird. All the friends and family I’ve made, and all the support I’ve gotten. And just everything. Storybird is the best gift I’ve ever received. And I thank everyone for it. Love, GiftedWriter.”
She posted the extra long comment, and realized she was crying when she wiped a tear off her cheek. Storybird had really been a gift to her. And it always would be.
Authors Note
I wrote this story for the December Storybird Scribes. But I also wrote it as a thanks to Storybird and everyone I’ve met here.
Storybird recently chose me to receive a membership for a year. I cannot thank them enough. So I wrote this story. Because I am gifted with Storybird.
I love all yall so much. I too hope I can be here for four years and even longer. Thank you for being a great gift.
Butterfly XOXO
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