Lilah Must Discover In Her Stressful Life That
Nothing’s Perfect
My Love, Zack
It hasn’t been very long since he asked me out. It wasn’t very fancy or anything like that, but I was really shocked that he asked me and not some any other girl (Especially the popular ones). Of course I thought of it as the most romantic scene ever, but hey! That’s my opinion!
ZACK!!! I said running up to him clasping onto his neck. He turned around just barely in time to catch me. I took my head off his shoulder (Still gripping his neck) and was now looking into his deep dark green eyes. I loved the way his blonde hair had it’s bangs covering the corner of his eye and how his smile brightened up the whole room. He laughed and said, “Oh my gosh Lilah! You scared me there!”.
I giggled and said, “Sorry”.
He ended up forgiving me and we walked into the mall. He hung his arm over my neck and we walked at a steddy pace, counting our footsteps as we went. We walked into JC Penny and he watched me try on dresses, jeans, blouses, and jewelry.
As we walked up to the front counter I felt Zack take his arm off my shoulders. He whispered in my ear I got this and walked upto the counter.
He handed me my bags full of clothes and accesories and I went on my tip-toes and kissed him on the cheek and whispered thank you in his ear. He returned the welcome by kissing my forehead and placing his arm back around my neck.
I sat in his car looking up at the dark cloudy sky, who knew that soemthing so dark and blurred could be so romantic and peaceful. I looked at him and smiled and leaned against the car door window, and before I knew it I was drifting off into a deep sleep.
I awoke to the sound of a car door bang closed. I opened my eyes slowly and looked out the window. I saw Zack opening my door and reach his hand out to wake me. I looked up at him and soon he reached his hand out for me to take instead of trying to awake me, I took his hand and let him guide me out onto the snowy iced driveway. We walked up the stairs and faced each other, we gazed into each others eyes, and I hoped that the moment would never end but of course everything has to come to a stop at some point. He breaks the stare and has a distant look in his eyes. He speaks and it sounds like hot warm air melting away the ice that surrounded us, “I should probably get going... My mom’s gonna need help with all the work she has” He says looking away.
I look at my door and say, “Ya I should probably go inside too, I have to finish a homework assignment that Mrs. Elcast gave us on Friday.
“Ya well I guess I’ll see you tomrrow then...” He said blushing a bit.
“Ya...” I couldn’t help but blushing with him.
He broke the awkward silence that had suddenly risen out of nowhere, “Hey I’ll text ya later K?”
“K!” I said in a perky voice hugging him.
He hugged me back and said goodbye and walked down the road.
I walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the fridge, it read,
Dear Lilah,
I went to the pharmacy to get some more of my medicine. You can help yourself to anything in the fridge or in the cabinet, just don’t touch my chocolates.
Sincerly, Mom
Well this is great! She always runs out of those things (I think it’s because she just takes a lot)! I would have usually been mad, but since today was one of the most romantic days of my life, I felt so different than usual. It was a good different too... The kind of different that made your heart feel all warm and toasty.
I was blogging on my computer, saying what was up and how my day went when my phone text tone went off. I punched in the password, connecting the dots and finally unlocking it. I looked at the text and saw that it was from Zack. He just said the same thing that any other person would say to start a conversation, one word that is hi! I texted him back by replying hi back, and our conversation went on from there.
Z: What’s up?
L: Nothing really, just blogging. How bout you?
Z: Nothin much, just texting you! ;)
L: LOL your so funny XD
Z: I know, I know :P
L: ;D
Z: Hey how are you doing on your homework?
L: I finally finished! Gosh it was so hard!
Z: Aww! Is my baby upset? :’(
L: No! I’m just not very good at math, that’s all
Z: I bet your better than I am
L: Oh come on! I have seen you do math and you are pretty good at it
Z: Nope! :p
L: Well it’s getting late and I think the homework tuckered me out... >:(
Z: Oh OK, well I’ll see you tomorrow morning ;)
L: What do you mean? :/
Z: Well I’m going to come to your house to pick you up for school DUH! I think that math homework got to your head lol.
L: Oh ya... DUH! Now I feel so stupid... #:(
Z: Eh! Don’t be, I still love you
L: I love you too
Z: Bye...
L: Bye...
I logged out of my blog and lay on my pillow. I looked up at my flower painted ceiling. I imagined Zack and me looking into each others eyes, holding hands, and our lips touching. I closed my eyes and held on to the image in my head. I thought about the image until I drifted away into a peaceful slumber.

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