A Foreword
Smile, kids! The world’s ending!
That’s right! Smile! You aren’t being very obedient.
This may come to you too late, but you need to look up to see it before it’s over. See the world as it is. Now, if you haven’t looked up already, it’s too late. Something huge in the world has changed. And that’s the way it works. Nothing is a constant in this bold new world of change.
But look up again. Look away for a minute. Change doesn’t look like much, does it? But people, people with their own ideas, are fighting every day to make changes on their own. And it isn’t easy. Not when people want change to be limited to a few people with the same agendas. Not with the places like the one I escaped from existing.
The truth is, you can stop reading. You don’t have to worry about your world ending, not today, but mine already has. You don’t have to worry about all the comedians in your realm being arrested, all the books getting recycled into park benches. At least, not yet. I didn’t live on the same dimension as you. I lived on a similar one. But as I leave my world behind, forever, looking to inhabit another planet, I figure that it’s time for me to tell you our story.
It could become your story, too.
I suggest that you fasten your seat belts, and bring a snack along for the bumpy ride!
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