Just above the green grass, mixed freely with morning diamonds of dews was a body of a seventeen-year-old young boy. Dead or undead; no one worried to check.
He was lifeless; left to be seen with his emerald Green eyes opened, there was no doubt that no one had ever tried to close them.
He was too young to be dead.
The wind rushed, sprinkling armfuls of Oak leaves on his body. The howl of the wind gave the skies something to listen to.
This boy loved the smell of the Earth, the touch of the rays, the taste of dews, the sound of laughter and the feeling of being alive. Now, he had no strength to look back into his life…he was too dead to be alive.
Some say that people had always been enchanted by the ends of things, sorrow and sunsets. Some people think of a way that remind them loosing something you love isn’t always sad and heartbreaking, but sometimes breathtaking and beautiful.
He was breathtakingly beautiful.
The sight of the body reminded that it takes one minute to make it’s someone’s day, and one second to destroy someone’s life…
There was no one to share the sorrow with the boy, but a single black figure, hooded with a darkcloak, which hid his black skin underneath. The single figure was kneeling by the side of the lifeless body of the boy.
If someone looked close enough, would see that this man’s skin was jet black underneath the cloak. Of course, he was not a human- he was called a Demon. He was a cursed lost spirit.
Tears started running down his black cheeks and hands shook as he reached down to close the boy’s eyes. They were emerald green. No one had ever seen such beautiful eyes. The demon thought as he gently closed the boy’s eyes.
He felt a pain that he had never faced before. Hundred years ago, this boy was his everything; he would have given anything to save the boy, like he was doing at that very moment before he died as a Creator.
‘Hytherus Sebastian Ares.’ ’The demon whispered into the boy’s ear. His black teardrops fell on the boy’s face.
After a while, as quiet as the night the demons stood up. He looked back over his shoulders to make sure no one had followed him. Sure, he was alone, no one knew that the boy was lifeless.
Looking sideways, the demon quickly undid a few buttons on the boy’s shirt.
After letting out a long sigh, he started to write on the boy’s bare skin with black ink.
He wrote, and left without a trace in the air.

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