Ode to a
River of Music
Music flows, floods, frolics and floats,
A bar of melody, a string of notes,
A tide that washes in a stream,
Dark as night, and light as steam.
A glimmer of hope from through the dark,
A song singing like a lark.
A painting, foggy in shade and mood,
And yet putting joy in something long rued.
A picture, full of both dim and light,
With symbols which let my heart take flight.
Music is my life, it takes hold of me,
And seeing the birds makes me feel free.
Water and sky, tree and sun,
And notes dancing by one by one.
And as the melody takes hold
I feel it swelling deep and bold
Carrying me above the clouds
As all things evil it enshrouds.
As I hear it, I realize how many things come and go;
But this picture engraved in my mind
Is all that I will ever need.
The music and me are forever entwined.

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