a poem by amgm04
Ode to the Blood Moon
Ode to the blood moon,
ode to the stars,
ode to the sun
who shines from afar.
Ode to those who
cut through the darkness,
ode to those who
fight the starless;
ode to those who battle the shadows
in night, in day,
relentlessly exposed
to pitch black hearts
and shadowy souls;
with not but a dart
of brightness and hope.
but how can they prevail
when the night is cold and windy and dark
and faith seems lost and black sky is stark-?
hope shines in rays- it comes from the sun
it shines through darkness
until there is none
and hope is the weapon these night fighters use
when night seems to win, they strike up a truce-
and the blood moon is lit
with the sun’s rays of hope
a beacon of faith in the
night, no matter how cold.
The blood moon carves a path
through the endless despair
a representation of fighters
who, every night dare
to face the dark clouds
and winds of nighttime
they see the sun’s rays of hope
and take them, then climb;
to the peak of the moon
at first unlit and dark
and fill the moon with this hope
and then, like a great spark
the blood moon leaps to life
in the once-dark nighttime sky
and it spreads the faith-
the sun’s trustful ally.
Ode to the blood moon,
ode to the stars,
ode to the sun
who always shine from afar.

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