for the april 2018 challenge
Ode To Workers
O’ helpful workers, we wouldn’t find our things in life
If it hadn’t been for you striving
To reach work early each day
Just to make our day gay
O’ helpful workers, I hope you die with happiness
For all the good work you gave us with tenderness
For all the time you sacrifice
Just to help us find out the price
O’ helpful workers, you are wonderfully helpful
While struggling with your life with hands that are careful
O’ helpful workers, my easy, simple speech comes to an end
While you work, as hard as you mend.
O’ helpful workers, I know you strive for time
When you want to spend time
With your own family
O’ helpful workers, you sacrifice your time,
Helping us people find our piece of lime
O’ helpful workers, I see you pass with a smile
As you push that heavy trolley almost a mile
Down the aisle
O’ helpful workers, I see you carry
A big, bulky box of garbage
Which I would not dare to try
O’ helpful workers, I see you strive,
With strong arms that lift up a hive
O’ helpful workers, I see you pass,
With a grim face that turns into a smile
As I give you a smile that stretches a mile.
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