Part of the Destiny Trilogy
Old Friends
One hero, blinded by fire and rage,
Shall get his revenge. A war he shall wage. Death’s icy grip gets ahold of old friends,
In the hands of another, your fate twists and bends.
I sit hunched over Bianca, sending my gift of healing through her once again. Ever since we escaped into the woods together, Bianca has always been in the wrong place at the wrong time. This one was her arm. Next time may be her heart. And I don’t think that I can heal her then.
“Leo...” Bianca whispers softly. The sound of her voice sends a wave of relief crashing down on me. She’s been unconscious for two hours. Each time I have to heal her, it takes even longer for her to wake up. But I can’t think about that now. Now when Bianca is awake again.
“I had another nightmare, Leo.”
“What was it this time?”
“I don’t know. It was just black, and I kept hearing the same thing repeated over and over again.”
“Do you remember what it was?”
“I think so. Something about a hero, blinded by rage, wanting revenge and stuff, so he’s going to start a war, and then death gets old friends... and... fate... uh... hands... and twists... or something...”
“Do you think maybe-“
“In the hands of another, your fate twists and bends! That was it.”
I continue, ignoring the fact that she just totally cut me off. “Are you sure you don’t remember exactly what was said?”
“No, Leo. I don’t. But maybe, if you hit me in the head with a baseball bat, I’ll go unconscious again and then I’ll remember! That’s safe!”
I sighed. I guess I had that coming. Bianca can be a bit of a pain when she’s annoyed.
Despite that, I keep thinking about the one line of the message that she did remember. I knew immediately what it must mean. Someone has become the new Destiny. But who?
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