it’s just boys- what’s the worst that can happen?
On The Ice
‘’Cheater!’’ Rick accused.
‘’I am not, I won fair and square!’’ I unlaced my skates and grinned at him.
His phone buzzed in his pocket and he pulled it out. I was about to say something else but his face stopped me.
‘’I-I have to go,’’ he stammered slinging his bag on my shoulders.
‘’What’s the matter?’’ I stood up holding my stick.
He stared at me, nervously. ‘’I’m not really supposed to say anything,’’ he swallowed.
‘’Your sister?’’ I guessed trying not to sound nosy.
One of his eyebrows went up. ‘’Yeah. It’s nothing though. See you,’’ his voice sounded sad.
‘’You coming to practice tomorrow?’’ I called to him walking away.
‘’Um, yeah maybe it depends on if the hospital let’s me,’’ he blurted out.
‘’Oh..okay,’’ I saluted him with two fingers.
He gave me a little smile and the doors clanked shut. Huh. I tapped my phone on and gave Mom a call.
‘’Hey can you pick me up?’’ I asked my voice echoing across the large room.
‘’I’m busy, can’t you walk home honey?’’ she replied.
‘’I can,’’ I huffed and ended the call.
She was always so busy. I pushed open the doors and breathed in the crisp afternoon air. I took another step and tripped on something.
‘’Ouch!’’ I hissed rubbing my knee.
I rolled up my pants and winced at the blood dripping down my knee.
‘’Natalie are you alright?’’ a familiar voice asked.
I turned around and frowned. ‘’Coach?’’ I glanced at him.
He was leaning against the doors, fiddling with his phone. ‘’What are you doing here?’’ I asked him.
He adjusted his cap. ‘’I was going to ask the same question Ms. Wen,’’ he stroked his chin.
‘’I was just playing a game with Rick,’’ I replied, my cheeks burning up.
‘’Ahh, the crushes of middle schoolers,’’ he smiled.
‘’I don’t like him,’’ I defended and rubbed my aching knee.
My heart thumped at what he had said in the rink. I didn’t like him. Yeah....I was sure of it.
‘’Sure sure sure,’’ he chuckled.
I adjusted my sloppy hair.
‘’Anyway, I was just planning out our next game,’’ he patted his head and put the cap over his eyes.
He always seemed to do that. ‘’Did I do good in the other game?’’ I asked smiling.
He put up a wrinkly hand and moved it side to side. ‘’You did alright for your first game,’’ he shrugged.
‘’Alright?’’ I whispered to the ground.
I watched a worm squirm and struggle across the warm pavement. I scooped him up and placed him gently in the chipped grass.
‘’Yep. You had some mistakes but better than all of them,’’ he complimented.
My heart fluttered. ‘’How did PJ do?’’ I questioned.
‘’He did good, you know he’s warming up to you,’’ he nibbled one a blade of grass.
‘’Warming up?’’ I snorted. Sounded like a big fat lie to me.
‘’Well,’’ he sighed. Gotta get back to Edna,’’ he smiled at the blue sky.
‘’Who’s that?’’ I scratched my head and then checked my knee again.
He stuck his hands into his pockets and started whistling a slow tune.
‘’Bye. Oh and don’t forget practice tomorrow,’’ Coach waved and we both went our separate ways.
I turned on our street, limping a little.
I wondered who Edna was. And what’s with Rick’s sister?
They were both so mysterious.
And I was determined to find out both of them.
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