it’s just boys- what’s the worst that can happen?
On The Ice
‘’Hey that fish looks like Nemo!’’ Liam pointed out tapping the aquarium.
I squinted at the little baby orange and white fish swim around. It actually did!
‘’This is so boring, Coach!’’ Joey moaned.
‘’The nurse said they’ll be out in five minutes,’’ he crossed his arms.
‘’Yeah she said that five minutes ago,’’ Joey muttered angrily.
What was even his problem? He couldn’t do this one thing for his friend?
I licked my finger and flipped through another magazine. Blah blah blah. Most of the dresses were way to flowy for me.
‘’Hey check out this one,’’ Zach shoved a magazine into my face.
I took it from him and studied it. Ugh, gross. ‘’Ew!’’ I laughed.
The model was wearing a very tiny dress which was a weird green yellow color.
‘’Looks like she’s covered in barf,’’ I pointed out handing it back to him.
Kenny leaned over and glanced at my magazine. He whistled. ‘’She’s smokin’,’’ he wiggled his eyebrows.
I rolled it up and slapped him on the head. ‘’Ow!’’ he cried.
‘’What was that for?’’ he muttered glaring at me.
‘’Nothing. I just felt like doing that,’’ I grinned.
His coal colored eyes stared me down.
‘’Hey you’re kinda hot too’’ I gasped.
I rolled the magazine up again and this time slammed it across his face. ‘’Watch it!’’ I warned.
He grabbed it from my hands and chucked it across the room. ‘’Sheesh you could just talk to me,’’ he huffed.
I stuck my tongue out at him and crossed my arms.
‘’That was a compliment you know,’’ he grumbled.
I gave him a evil stare. ‘’No offense, but you’re not my type,’’ I smoothed down my hair.
‘’Then what is your type? I have many layers you know,’’ he replied.
I rolled my eyes.
Many layers? What kind of excuse is that?
‘’Oh let me guess, shoplifting and getting stuck in Juvie?’’ I smirked at him.
Natalie 1 Kenny 0
‘’How’d you know?’’ he said flatly.
‘’I have my people,’’ I shot back.
He shrugged. ‘’Whatever, I thought girls like bad boys,’’ he adjusted the leather jacket he was wearing.
Only Kenny would wear a leather jacket to a hospital.
‘’Not all of them,’’ I pointed out.
‘’Well it doesn’t matter anyway, I already have a girlfriend,’’ he bragged.
I raised my eyebrows. That was hard to believe.
‘’Oh yeah?’’
He nodded, and I watched the beaded necklace on his neck swish back and fourth.
‘’What’s her name?’’ I grilled.
‘’Jasmine,’’ he smirked.
I giggled. He was dating a Disney princess. ‘’Jasmine?’’ I repeated.
‘’Yeah and she likes me,’’ he crossed his arms. Okay and?
‘’You don’t even have a boyfriend do you?’’ he asked.
I felt my cheeks heat up. Okay he had gotten me on that one. ‘’Not at the moment,’’ I grumbled.
‘’What’s the matter, can’t get one?’’ he teased.
‘’No. I’m not allowed,’’ I whispered realizing how wimpy that sounded.
‘’PJ!’’ Benny’s machine yelled. Kenny snorted.
We all looked up and began yelling. ‘’Finally!’’ Joey shouted.
‘’What are you guys doing here?’’ PJ demanded glaring at us.
‘’We came to wait for you,’’ I filled in.
‘’Wait for me?’’ he spat.
‘’Coach suggested it,’’ Zach said, quietly. ‘’Where’s Rick?’’ Benny asked.
‘’None of your business, you guys can go home,’’ he crossed his arms.
Coach stood up and put a hand on PJ’s shoulder. ‘’Son, what’s up?’’ he asked.
‘’What’s up? I-I can’ this anymore..’’ he put his face in his hands. Zach shifted in his seat uncomfortably.
‘’What’s he doing?’’ Kenny whispered to me.
‘’I-I think he’s crying,’’ I whispered back.
‘’Oh, PJ...’’ Coach muttered looked a little awkward standing there.
I don’t think he knew what to do.
So I stood up, walked over to PJ and gave him the biggest hug I could.
‘’It’s alright now,’’ I whispered to him.
In reply, he cried even harder soaking my shirt. But I didn’t care.
And he didn’t pull away so I didn’t.
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