it’s just boys- what’s the worst that can happen?
On The Ice
‘’Get her Bronson, come on!’’
I think I heard the whole Swathmore team yell that at least ten times.
‘’Go Natalie Go!’’ Rick yelled across the ice.
I was breathing heavily as I tried to keep the puck under control.
Just a tad bit farther and I could make a goal.
Sterling, who was the goaltender, began yelling I guess to distract me. But I wasn’t going to let that happen.
‘’You know, you’re not that bad at hockey,’’ Bronson sneered.
‘’Too bad I can’t say the same for you,’’ I replied hotly.
He let out a laugh.
‘’Whatever, you may win this time but our school is far more superior,’’ Bronson stuck his head up while I got closer and closer to the net.
Whatever distracted him more. I don’t think he even noticed I was super close to the net.
‘’And that’s the game!’’ I cried swinging the puck right into the net.
Sterling dove for it and fell flat on his face.
‘’YES!’’ Rick screamed tearing off his helmet.
Bronson growled and threw his stick on the ice.
‘’This game was rigged! I want a refund!’’ he screeched.
‘’Sorry a deal’s a deal,’’ Rick said skating over to us.
‘’Now go on, go be mad in your mansions,’’ I shooed him off.
Bronson gasped. ‘’For your information, I live in a Castle!’’ he cried. I giggled.
‘’For your information, nobody cares! Now go!”‘ Rick steered him to the doors.
‘’Bye! Now don’t come back,’’ we waved.
I watched the team mutter and growl as they marched out of the ice rink. The clank of the doors shutting was the best noise ever.
‘’Hey we did it!’’ I cried high fiving him.
He groaned loudly.
‘’What?’’ I laughed.
‘’I owe you a sundae,’’ he sighed.
‘’Ha ha! I knew it. I’m gonna get the most expensive one,’’ I poked him.
‘’I only have five bucks so make it cheap,’’ he tore off the padding on his knees.
‘’Five dollars? What are you dirt poor?’’ I teased.
‘’Uh yeah I am,’’ he laughed finally shedding all the equipment he had on.
‘’But seriously do I have to buy you something?’’ he whined as we skated to the bench.
‘’If it’s five o clock, you don’t have to,’’ I decided.
He stared at me suspiciously.
‘’Show me your wrist,’’ Rick raised an eyebrow.
‘’Um, okay...’’ I snorted.
I pulled down my jersey and let him inspect my arm. ‘’Fine. I don’t see a watch.’’ he huffed.
I scooped up my hockey bag and slung it over my arm.
‘’Don’t we have another pasta party since we’re going against Swathmore tomorrow?’’ I pointed out.
‘’Nope, this time it’s..a dance party,’’ he threw up his hands.
‘’A dance party?’’ I asked.
‘’At Coach’s, so instead of’s dancing,’’ he shook his tush at me. That
I held the door open for us as we stepped outside into the brisk air.
‘’Alright check the time,’’ I crossed my fingers.
Please please please please.
‘’HA!’’ He shoved his phone into my face.
‘’You have got to be kidding me!’’ I cried. Somehow this was rigged or maybe Rick was a Russian hacker.
‘’Fine,’’ I sighed.
‘’Anyway, I gotta go. See you tonight,’’ he waved and started off.
‘’Wait! Rick um..’’ I called out.
He turned around. ‘’Yeah?’’
‘’What do I wear to the dance?’’ I asked rubbing my arm.
Kind of a weird question, but I didn’t actually have any fancy things. They were awful.
‘’Just wear a..uh dress? ’’ he blushed, kicking the ground.
‘’Never mind, I’ll figure it out,’’ I laughed.
We walked away in different directions, both buried in our different thoughts.
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