it’s just boys- what’s the worst that can happen?
On The Ice
‘’NATALIE WEN YOU ARE IN DEEP DEEP TROUBLE!’’ Dad screamed, a vein popping out on his neck.
I dropped my hockey bag and stared at him. ‘’What did I do?’’ I stammered.
Mom ran into the kitchen, her eyes puffy and red.
‘’Where were you? We called the police!’’ she shrieked.
I swallowed. Uh-ohhhh. ‘’I was at the rink,’’ I squeaked.
‘’Hugo told us, you were at the store,’’ Dad said through gritted teeth.
‘’Well I knew you guys weren’t gonna let me go,’’ I wearily glanced at both of them.
Mom rubbed her face and sighed loudly. ‘’You’re grounded for a week, and no hockey,’’ she decided.
‘’Woah woah..what?’’ I did a double take.
This couldn’t be happening.
‘’You lied to your parents!” she screeched.
‘’I’m super sorry Mom I am!’’ I begged.
I was about to go down on my knees. They couldn’t do that to me! That was..against the law.
Hugo pranced into the room like a ballerina.
‘’Hugo-out!’’ Dad roared.
‘’Oh I’m sorry was I interrupting something?’’ he innocently bleated.
I sighed and gave him a look of death. He put a hand to his chest.
’’OUT,’’ Mom pointed to the living room.
Hugo rolled his eyes and tromped upstairs.
‘’Mom. Dad. Please,’’ I sniffled. Maybe the fake tears and crying would go somewhere.
Everything was starting to go good and then this! And the dance was tonight.
My heart dropped. ‘’Up to your room,’’ Mom huffed.
Dad shook his head as I ran upstairs trying to stop the tears. Why today? I slammed my door so hard the picture I hung up crashed to the ground.
‘’Keep it down Ms. Grumpy Pants!’’ Hugo shouted.
‘’Leave me alone!’’ I croaked.
I glanced around at my pale room that still needed to be decorated with my posters and stringy lights.
I pulled out my phone and clicked on Rick’s name.
Srsly bad news.
What? What happened?
I got grounded.
But you have the dance tonight, and the game tommorow!
:( For a week. I don’t know what to do..I really wanted to go to the dance and the game! GAHHH
He didn’t text back after that so I chucked it on my bed and stuck my head into my pillow.
Why did Mom and Dad have to be so..mean?
It was one time.
I sighed and flipped onto my back. I was already so bored. Something pinged against my window. And then again. Again.
‘’Stupid bugs,’’ I grumbled walking over to it.
I pushed the window open and gasped.
Zach, Joey and Kenny were huddled around and waving at me.
How’d they get in the backyard?
‘’HEY NATALIE!’’ Zach yelled.
‘’What are you doing?’’ I hissed.
‘’WE CAME TO SNEAK YOU OUT!’’ he screamed.
‘’How are you gonna do that?’’ I yelled back wishing that Mom and Dad didn’t hear.
I glanced at Joey who had a twisted up sheet.
‘’Here grab it!’’ he yelled throwing it up to me.
I snatched it and shook it in the air. ‘’Now stay there!’’ Kenny yelled.
I watched them tie it up onto something so it was a straight line down to the ground. Luckily our house was small so the drop was tiny.
‘’Now climb out we’ve got a dance to get to!’’ Zach shouted.
I glanced down at my jersey and sweatpants. ‘’Hold on, let me change!’’ I said to them.
They nodded. I zoomed to my closet and picked out a flowy purple shirt and some dress pants. Better than nothing.
I was defintley not wearing a dress. I shuddered at the thought.
‘’HURRY UP!’’ one of them yelled.
I ran over to the window and swung my legs out. ‘’Grab the rope!’’ Kenny instructed.
I grabbed it, my heart thumping and wrapped my self around it.
‘’Now shimmy down!’’ Zach laughed.
I panted heavily and slid down like a snake until my feet touched the pavement. I grinned at them.
‘’Hey look at you, bad girl,’’ Joey taunted.
‘’Okay let’s go!’’ I laughed.
‘’Did Rick send you?’’ I guessed as we ran down the street, our feet slapping the pavement.
‘’Yeah he texted us,’’ Zach piped up.
My heart fluttered.
He did that for me?
Coach’s Mansion soon came up, and it was bursting with rainbow strobe lights.
‘’Woah. Lit party,’’ Kenny approved.
‘’Yeah,’’ I breathed glancing at the uniformed guard who was standing outside the door.
‘’Well let’s go already!’’ I cried starting for the door.
So in we went, with the half of the best team I had ever had.
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