it’s just boys- what’s the worst that can happen?
On The Ice
I felt like throwing up and jumping off something all at the same time.
It was tryout time!
‘’Are you nervous?’’ Hugo asked looking me over.
‘’No. What? That’s crazy I’m hyped up. I’m I’m..’’ he gave me a look.
‘’Yeah I’m freaked out,’’ I muttered.
He laughed and nudged me.
‘’My little sis is going out for the hockey team,’’ he pulled into the parking lot.
I swallowed.
‘’Get your bag,’’ he ordered.
I slung it over my back and shuffled up to the door.
My heart was pounding like crazy. What if I messed up in front of everybody?
‘’Hey just breathe and you’ll do fine,’’ he held the door open for me as I stepped in.
‘’Wow,’’ I admired.
The ice rink was huge and the ice was sleek and a blinding white. Woah.
‘’You get to skate on that?’’ He snorted.
I smirked at him.
‘’Yeah. You jelly?’’ I taunted.
He snorted. ‘’Nope. I’ll see you when their over. Just text me over okay?’’ I barley heard him.
I was to focused on the rink. It was so..awesome!
The door shut as he walked out and I confidently walked over to a guy with a red cap.
Hopefully the Coach.
‘’Um excuse me?’’ I tapped his shoulder. He turned and glanced at me with steely blue eyes.
‘’Yes?’’ he asked.
His voice was gruff and low.
‘’This is where the try outs are right?’’ I swallowed.
He threw his head back and muttered something.
‘’Not for field hockey. Go home, kid.’’ he shook his head and I watched the cap fall over his eyes.
‘’No,’’ I stuck my chest out.
He clicked his pen and turned back to me. ‘’You wanna try out don’t you?’’ I nodded.
‘’Yes..Mr?’’ I held out a hand.
‘’Oh yes. Coach Barnfield but just call me Coach Barn or Coach B. And you are?’’ his voice had somewhat softened.
‘’I’m Natalie. I just moved here,’’ he let go of my hand.
‘’Alright go on out there, they’re warming up.’’ he put a hand on my shoulder.
I smiled at him.
‘’Thanks Coach,’’ I nodded at him and walked over to a bench.
Sweat trickled down my face as I walked over to the ice. I sat down on a creaky bench and slipped on my skates.
You can do this Natalie
I held out a hand to balance myself as I stepped on. My stick almost slipped from my hand as I smoothly skated over to the circle.
‘’Hey who the heck are you?’’ a voice yelled.
‘’Who the heck are you?’’ I shot back to them.
‘’Collin! Now get off the ice. This team if for people who know what hockey is!’’ he shouted.
I skated over to the voice and made a snazzy stop. Who was this guy? Collin slipped his helmet off and looked me up and down.
‘’You play hockey?’’ he sneered.
‘’You play hockey?’’ I snarled. His eyebrows went up a little bit. I was breaking him!
‘’This is for boys,’’ he pointed out.
‘’Yeah I know. I’m also wondering why your on this team if it’s for boys,’’ I smirked at him.
He blinked and then held out a hand.
‘’Wow. Don’t sweat what I said. I do it to all of em,’’ he laughed.
My heart slowed it’s pace. That was awesome!
‘’Cool. Are you usually the captain?’’ I eyed him.
He brushed his black hair out of his eye .‘’Yeah,’’ he nodded cooly.
‘’So when do we start?’’ I asked.
‘’Whenever Coach is ready’’ he replied grabbing a stick from off the ground. I shrugged.
‘’Hey if any of them give you a rough time just call me over,’’ he slipped his helmet back on.
Good somebody to guide me! I nodded and skated back on to everyone huddled in a circle.
‘’Hey get over here!’’ Coach yelled waving us over.
Collin and I zipped over there and got into the circle. I gasped. Every single person in the huddle was a boy.
I thought Collin was just the leader! I gulped.
One boy with dark brown hair was eyeing me down.
‘’Hey coach, tell this girl to get out of here,’’ he grunted.
Coach bent down.
‘’Have some respect, pretty sure this girl got better skills than you PJ so zip it,’’ Coach shot back.
Some of the other guys snickered. PJ’s face glowed a bright red.
‘’Okay guys,’’ he glanced at me and then back to the huddle.
I sure wasn’t a guy.
‘’Show me what ya got!’’ He clapped his hands and all of them started yelling.
‘’Good luck Barbie doll,’’ PJ whispered to me.
Oh great.
‘’Back to you,’’ I grumbled.
I put my helmet down, tightened my grip on the stick and got ready to play.
I was gonna show him I was not a barbie doll.
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