it’s just boys- what’s the worst that can happen?
On The Ice
‘’Do I need to roll you out of here?’’ I laughed spooning more delicious icecream into my mouth.
I had gotten chocolate with hot fudge sauce. It was amazing, if I do say so myself.
So good..
Rick groaned and laid his head on the table.
‘’I-I think I had too much,’’ he moaned.
I grabbed his sundae cup and glanced at it. There was five different flavors of ice cream, tons of sprinkles and ten cherries.
Not to mention the crushed up Oreo pieces and chocolate chip cookies.
Oh and also the whipped cream.
‘’You can take it home,’’ I suggested.
‘’For Emily,’’ I added.
‘’Emily’s not allowed to have stuff like that,’’ he took it away from me and mushed the stuff together with his spoon.
‘’Oh. Well what about PJ?’’ I asked.
‘’He doesn’t deserve ice cream,’’ Rick shoved a cherry into his mouth.
I couldn’t tell if he was joking or actually serious.
‘’Okay then throw it away,’’ I speared a gummy bear right at the stomach.
‘’But that’s wasting!’’ he pointed out.
‘’Or you could give it to me,’’ I grinned snatching it from him.
‘’Hey! No way!’’ he laughed grabbing it away from me.
‘’I’ll power through,’’ he decided putting a rainbow-colored glop onto his spoon.
‘’Okay. Don’t blame me when you throw up,’’ I joked.
He stuck his tongue out at me which was a shade of blue.
‘’On another note, did I not tell you Swathmore was our nemesis? I mean come on give me some credit,’’ he leaned back against the booth.
I rolled my eyes.
He opened his mouth to say something but just then someone banged their hand on the table.
I jumped and glanced at them.
‘’What are you losers doing here?’’
I huffed. Bronson.
‘’Shouldn’t you peasants be working in the fields?’’ he crowed sliding next to Rick.
Rick inched over so he was plastered to the wall.
‘’Alright, first of all, peasants were back in the eighteen hundreds and second of all I’m pretty sure it’s peesents,’’ Rick stated.
‘’No, Rick it’s peasants,’’ I stiffled a laugh.
Bronson smoothed down his hair and grabbed my sundae.
‘’Give that back, that’s mine!’’ I lunged across the table and tried to get it.
Why was he acting like that?
‘’She can’t play hockey and she can’t even stand up for herself,’’ he crossed his arms across what looked like some kind of fancy jacket.
‘’Shut up Bronson,’’ Rick uttered looking like he wanted to punch him.
It’s defintley what I wanted to do.
‘’Oh I’m sorry,’’ he rolled out of the booth and jumped to his feet.
‘’I interrupted something here didn’t I?’’ his lips curled up into some kind of evil grin.
He pointed at both of us.
‘’You weren’t interrupting anything. Now goodbye go have fun with your other rich snobby friends,’’ I said.
Bronson cleared his throat and brushed off his jacket.
‘’You may think I’m offended but I’m not,’’ he smiled smugly.
Rick shoveled some more ice cream into his mouth.
‘’Anyway, have fun you too,’’ he waved and briskly walked over to another table.
‘’Hey let’s get his coordinates and teepee his house,’’ Rick whispered.
‘’If only,’’ I muttered.
‘’No I’m serious!’’ he grinned and schooched next to me.
‘’Look,’’ he pulled out his phone.
‘’If we can look up like Swathmore, and do a couple of hacks then we could!’’ he shoved it into my face.
‘’No way Rick! That’s not cool!’’ I cried.
‘’Oh come on! You gotta admit that’s amazing!’’ he clicked another app.
I sighed and finished off my sundae. ‘’Fine. Text me when you get all the details.’’
He rubbed his hands together like some evil genius.
‘’This is gonna be epic!’’ he roared.
‘’Yeah until we get shut down by the police,’’ I muttered.
‘’Don’t be such a worry wort! Come on it’s Bronson like he’s gonna know it’s us,’’ he folded his hands.
‘’Please?’’ he begged.
‘’Okay I’m , go organize it, I’ll text you at like seven,’’ he decided slipping his phone into his pocket.
‘’Alright,’’ I sighed.
It would be funny. Not really nice, but hilarious.
‘’See ya. Oh, I almost forgot. Don’t forget the toilet paper,’’ he started toward the door.
‘’But I’m grounded!’’ I ran over to him.
‘’Your good. If , don’t like it, sneak out,’’ he plainly suggested.
Rick seemed like he knew a lot about this.
‘’Have you done this before?’’ I raised an eyebrow.
‘’What kind of question is that?’’ he snorted.
I let out a deep breath.
Good, he didn’t do pranks all the time.
‘’Of course I have!’’ he shouted and slipped out the door.
I moaned and started off toward my house.
Here we go again.
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