it’s just boys- what’s the worst that can happen?
On The Ice
Hey Natalie!
‘’Oh hey Izzy!’’
‘’Are you ready for the game today? I’m nervous, the team hasn’t even been beat yet!’’
‘’I know right? And our team isn’t very good anyway.’’
‘’Really? I don’t think we’re half bad to be honest. Our defenseman are great!’’
‘’Your just saying that cause your a defenseman!’’
‘’N-no I’m not, Izzy you know how much I love this team!’’
‘’Then why are you spreading rumors about everyone?’’
‘’I would never do that! What are you talking about?’’
Izzy picked at her brown curls and nibbled her finger.
‘’I heard Emma and Colleen say that you said they stunk at hockey and in life.’’
‘’That’s crazy and really rude! Why would I ever do that?’’
‘’Coach said she was gonna talk to you today. She might even suspend you for a couple games.’’
‘’Wait? What?’’
Izzy shrugged and picked up her hockey stick.
‘’It doesn’t matter for me I guess. Bye, I have to go practice!’’
‘’Natalie! Natalie! Say something! Can you hear us? Natalie Natalie wake up! Please Natalie!’’
I tried to open my eyes but they felt like they were glued together. Everything felt so cold. I shivered.
‘’Hey Natalie we need to talk.’’
‘’Coach I never spread any rumors at all. Trust me!’’
‘’Natalie just listen to me first.’’
‘’Lots of the girls have been saying that you are always harassing them.’’
‘’Harassing them? Coach I seriously don’t even understand..’’
‘’I don’t know for sure but I’m gonna have to hold you out on a couple of games.’’
I hung my head and tried to hold the tears back.
‘’But my team needs me!’’
‘’I’m sorry Natalie. This is the only way’’
‘’Whatever you say Coach. I’ll get my stuff’’.
’Thank you. You’re dismissed.’’
I heard more voices, a deeper one that sounded like my older brother. But that couldn’t be..I thought we were just playing night hockey.
And then something happened with the ice?
‘’Hey Gnat! Wait that is your name right?’’
‘’Leave me alone Emma.’’
‘’What’s the matter little baby?’’
‘’Did Coach finally axe you off this team?’’
‘’No. Now go away before I punch you.’’
‘’Ooh so scary.’’
‘’Now tell me what Coach said to you’’
‘’Get off me Emma!‘’
‘’Your such a wimp. No wonder a boy hasn’t taken intrest in you for years.
‘’I’ll get a boy when I actually like his personality. Unlike you, who kisses a different boy every day.’’
‘’Actually I’m with Thomas right now and it’s a very real relationship.’’
‘’Sure sure. I’m outta here.’’
‘’Bye bye. Have fun in loser town. Oh by the way how’s Hugo? Still ugly as you?’’
‘’Emma shut up already’’
‘’Is that why he was in the adoption thingy. Too ugly for his parents? Is that why you adopted Hugo?’’
‘’Natalie! Come on! Please Natalie!’’ I snapped open my eyes and jumped up.
It was dark and a bunch of figures was crowded around me. And then everything came flooding back.
The team. The ice. My house. Hockey sticks. The voice. Falling. Freezing and lots of yelling.
‘’Natalie are you alright? Do you remember anything?’’
One of the figures bent down next to me and I realized it was Hugo. I slapped his cheek.
‘’Yes I remember that you’re a weird brother,’’ I grinned at him.
‘’She’s gonna be okay,’’ Hugo stuck his tounge out at me and stood up again.
‘’I’ll tongueget our Mom and Dad,’’ he told the other figures.
I squinted at the group and realized it was the team. ‘’Hey guys,” I waved at them.
‘’Hey you lived!’’ Kenny said sitting down next to me.
I glared at him. ‘’Kind of. Everything is still fuzzy,’’ I looked around and watched the shapes begin to sway.
‘’What happened and where’s Rick?’’ I rubbed my head.
‘’Well for starters we lost in Night Hockey,’’ I heard Liam say.
‘’But that’s not the point,’’ Joey said.
‘’Oh and Rick is in the bathroom,’’ Owen told me.
Benny kicked the ground shyly and stuck his hands into his pockets. The good ol Benny.
I shakily stood to my feet and straightened myself out. I felt stiff, like cardboard.
‘’And the ice gave way and you fell in,’’ PJ admitted.
Just then I remembered that voice that had yelled to me. Who was that?
Somebody had tackled me in a hug and I crashed to the cold ground. ‘’Gah!’’ I laughed straining against the person.
‘’What are you doing?’’ I giggled glancing at the person.
‘’You’re okay!’’ Rick grinned at me.
‘’Of course, I am,’’ I smiled back at him and watched all of the team scurry away.
He rolled away and laid down next to me. ‘’You know I thought you were gonna die under there,’’ he stated.
‘’You did?’’ I uprooted a piece of grass and began playing with it.
‘’Yeah I fell under ice once and I had to get mouth to mouth from this random fat guy at the ice rink,’’ he laughed.
I grinned imagining Rick struggling away from some random huge dude.
‘’It was very traumatic for me,’’ he joked.
I dusted off my shirt and stood up, watching Rick grunt and heft himself up from the ground.
He was like a grandpa.
I laughed and began staring at the sky. Rick looked up to where I was staring. Those two stars were still out.
‘’I named those two,’’ Rick pointed to them.
‘’What are their names?’’ I turned to them.
‘’Natalie and Rick,’’ he answered.
‘’Because they’re always together, and sparkling,‘’ he traced one of them. I blushed.
‘’If you wish on a star it’ll come true,’’ I told him.
‘’Okay then. Here I go,’’ he squeezed his eyes shut and I did the same.
What should I wish about?
I wish upon a star that Rick kisses me
I opened my eyes and stared at Rick. A risky wish.
‘’What did you wish for?’’ I asked him.
‘’If I tell you it won’t come true,’’ he turned to look at me.
‘’Come on just tell me Rick!’’ I grinned.
‘’Okay. I he,’’ he was stuttering like crazy.
‘’Just say it!’’ I laughed.
‘’Okay okay sheesh don’t go and bite my head off. I wished to have um..a piece of cake,’’ he sheepishly grinned.
I rolled my eyes. ‘’Only you would wish that.’’ He glanced at the sky again.
‘’I gotta go, Emily’s all alone with Mom and that probably won’t end well,’’ he stuck his hands into his pockets.
‘’See you tomorrow,’’ I waved.
He saluted me with two fingers and walked away, some rocks crunching under his feet.
I sighed and walked back to the house which all of the lights were on now.
‘’There you are!’’ Mom brought me into a strong hug.
‘’Are you okay?’’ she pushed me away and then inspected me.
‘’Your hair is full of frost,’’ she began patting it.
‘’I’m okay, just cold...’’ I shivered.
‘’Let me get you a blanket,’’ Dad came into the room.
He draped a red furry one over me and led me over to the couch.
‘’Your friends came over here,’’ she said sitting down next to me.
‘’They did?’’ I coughed. ‘’All of them. ‘’They were pretty worried about you Natalie.’’
I wrapped the blanket around my feet. ‘’How worried?’’ I asked.
‘’Well most of them couldn’t talk because they were too cold. So I got them some hot chocolate and demanded they tell me what happened.’’
Dad rubbed his face and sighed heavily.
‘’So they said that they were the hockey team and you had fallen into the ice and that they couldn’t get you out.’’ she recalled.
‘’They’re a special team,’’ she cleared her throat.
‘’Yeah they are.’’ I yawned.
My eyelids kept drooping down.
‘’Time to get to bed,’’ she stood up and smoothed down her hair.
I think Mom was a little rattled by the whole thing. I trekked upstairs and flopped into bed, totally exhausted.
Everything had worked out in the end.
Except one thing.
My wish.
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