it’s just boys- what’s the worst that can happen?
On The Ice
I rubbed my eyes and squinted at everybody.
‘’Hugo why are you dressed up in a penguin costume?’’ I laughed.
‘’My sister’s a teenager, I had to make something cool,’’ he flapped his wings.
A huge cookie cake was on the table including a bunch of presents all wrapped in the same sparkly red paper.
Blue streamers hung from the ceiling and some pop music was playing.
‘’This is all for me?’’ I grinned.
‘’Of course! You are thirteen now!’’ Dad smiled.
Finally! I was a teenager now! Everything was gonna change.
Maybe I could even watch PG-13 movies! Mom was really strict about those for some reason.
Once she didn’t let me watch a PG movie because it had ‘’a small amount of crude humor.‘’
What does that even mean?
‘’Can I open presents?’’ I begged to them.
‘’Sure sure,’’ Mom pulled out her phone.
‘’Mine first mine first!’’ Hugo began dancing and looked really weird.
I laughed and dug through the pile of gifts. I couldn’t believe there was so many.
‘’It’s the hot pink one,’’ Hugo tapped the top.
I yanked it from the pile and began unwrapping the pretty bow. I didn’t know Hugo had such good skills.
‘’Did you get somebody else to do this?’’ I raised an eyebrow at him.
He covered his eyes with one of his flippers. ‘’Yeah. Angelica helped me,’’ he admitted. I kept myself from rolling my eyes.
It seemed like he did everything with Angelica.
I pulled the gift out and squealed.
It was the new album for my favorite singer in the entire world. Priscilla Luna.
She sang a bunch of inspiring pop songs and was also a really good rapper.
‘’Thanks Hugo!’’ I chirped waving it around in the air.
He gave me a thumbs up but it kinda looked like he was giving me the middle finger. I’m sure he didn’t though.
‘’Okay time for my present!’’ Dad sipped from his mug.
Probably coffee.
I think he had a addiction to it. Dad handed me a box that was wrapped in bright orange paper.
‘’Open it open it!’’ he chanted excitedly.
I laughed and popped open the top.
Last year Dad had gotten me a rare bottle of sea glass and a bunch of money.
I used the money to buy a bunch of hockey sticks and pucks so me and Hugo could play all the time.
But Mom’s present held the best award.
That was when I got my first phone. All there was in the box was a piece of paper.
I pulled it out and scanned it over.
Five tickets to Flyer’s Game Front Row Seats
‘’No way thank you so much Dad!’’ I shrieked waving them in the air.
‘’What? You got her tickets and not me?’’ Hugo gasped.
‘’All I got for my thirteenth birthday was a lousy laptop!” he grumbled.
Mom shot him a evil look.
‘’I mean..happy birthday little sis rah rah,’’ he crossed his flippers.
‘’Here’s mine,’’ Mom placed a box into my hands.
It was really tiny and was a deep purple. I opened the top and gasped.
It was a really pretty necklace that had a gold hockey stick dangling from it.
I picked up the stick note and read it in my head. Dear Natalie, Happy 13th Birthday, Never give up your talent of hockey!
‘’Thanks Mom it’s so pretty,’’ I grinned and slipped it on.
I glanced down at the necklace laying on my shirt. A perfect fit!
‘’Can you go get the mail please?’’ Dad ordered.
I held in a sigh. This happened all the time. A great start to something and then everything went back to being normal.
‘’I’ll do it.’’ Hugo started for the door.
Dad narrowed his eyes. ‘’No. I asked Natalie to do it. We need to talk with you,’’ he growled sharply.
I gave Hugo a good luck glance and slipped out the door. I shivered and rubbed my arms.
Why was Michigan so cold anytime?
Sheesh why did the mailbox have to be all the way across the lawn!
‘’Hey birthday girl!’’
I looked up from the mailbox and grinned. ‘’I didn’t know you had a bike!’’ Rick sped over to me and hit the brakes.
‘’I didn’t know you had a pair of Unicorn pajama’s,’’ he pointed to my shirt.
I blushed.
‘’I was tired last night it was the only clean pair I could find,’’ I laughed.
‘’Sooo how does it feel to be thirteen?’’ he wiggled his eyebrows.
‘’It feels exactly like being twelve. My parents were excited for five minutes. Now their back to being..’’ I searched for the right words.
‘’Butt heads?’’ he suggested.
‘’Yeah butt heads,’’ I grabbed a bulging red envelope out and shut the little door on the mailbox.
‘’How’s Emily?’’ I asked rubbing my arms.
The wind wasn’t making it any warmer for me.
‘’Well let’s see she’s throwing up all the time now and she’s always waking up crying,’’ he sighed.
‘’But other than that she’s just great.’’
I had never heard Rick use sarcasm like that before.
‘’Anyway, I was thinking what to do for you birthday last night. And then I saw this,’’ he dug in his pocket and brought out a crumpled piece of paper.
‘’Wow that’s very heartfelt. A ball,’’ I teased.
‘’Just open it!’’ he urged.
I smoothed it down and read it out loud.
‘’Annual Perseid Meteor Shower Carnival. Come down to the docks starting at 6-9 o clock today! Food, refreshments and prizes will also be there’’ I handed the paper back to him.
‘’That’s really cool and all but um..what is a meteor?’’ I asked.
He shifted on the small bike seat.
‘’A meteor is a small rocky or metallic body in outer space.’’ he said very scientifically.
I raised an eyebrow. ‘’How’d you know all that?’’ I doubted.
‘’Google! I spent about three hours researching what they were,’’ he laughed.
I didn’t say it but Rick didn’t know what a lot of things were.
‘’Okay then it’s set. Six o clock be ready. Gotta run,’’ he started peddling off again.
‘’Oh! I almost forgot!’’ he did a sharp turn and began yelling.
‘’I invited the whole team!’’ Rick gave me a thumbs up and quickly zipped around the corner.
I shook my head and tip toed back inside.
Guess I had a meteor shower to get ready for.
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