it’s just boys- what’s the worst that can happen?
On The Ice
‘’Well. There’s no going back now’’ Rick smirked me. I winced as the worker clanked the bar down in front of us.
‘’I can’t believe you made me do this!’’ I yelled back to him.
‘’Muahahahah!’’ he maniacally laughed like a physco.
‘’Stop being a chicken Natalie! It’ll be fun!’’ he encouraged.
‘’Fun?’’ I exploded. How was any of this fun? Terrifying was a better word.
‘’Yeah! It’s the highest roller coaster in the world!’’ Zach stuck his head in between our seats.
‘’Exactly!’’ I panicked. My heart was beating like fifty beats a second. Why did I agree to this?
‘’What’s the matter Natalie? You scared?’’ Liam teased.
‘’Um, yeah!’’ I waved my hands in the air.
‘’Enjoy the ride!’’ one of the workers grinned at me. I gave him a death stare.
‘’I can’t believe this!’’ I complained kicking my feet.
‘’Wah wah wah, I hope you cry cause I’m getting this all on camera’’ Kenny smirked.
‘’With what?’’ Liam loooked at him.
‘’My go-pro that I bought off the internet, especially for this occasion’’ Kenny smirked.
Why was I on a stand up roller coaster with approximately ten upside down loops? I seriously had no idea.
Coach wanted to give us one last fun thing before the Beaver’s game.
After we faced the Beavers we would have a back to back game with another team named the Dolphins.
I guess he wanted to give us one last spurt of happiness before playing a bunch of games together, tomorrow.
But a amusement park?
NO THANK YOU. And of course the boys forced me to go on every single roller coaster.
So that’s how I was locked up in a stand up roller coaster with so many loops I was seriously about to barf.
‘’Please keep all hands inside the vehicle. Have a great ride!’’ The worker’s voice yelled over the radio.
‘’Hey wait! I wanna get out!’’ I shouted to him. I watched Kenny tap a little button on his go-pro.
I felt the coaster begin to move. ‘’NOOOO!’’ I shouted.
‘’YESSS!’’ Rick shouted back.
‘’Why would you do this to me?’’ I glared at him.
He laughed. ‘’Do what?’’
‘’Hey guys this is the hockey team, on the biggest and highest roller coaster in the world. And Natalie is freaking out cause she’s a baby’’ Kenny pointed the camera to my face.
My stomach dropped as the coaster began to lurch forward.
‘’I’m not a baby! And yes I’m freaking out. If you were normal you would to!’’ I yelled into the camera.
Zach roared with laughter.
‘’Here we go!’’ Liam shouted.
I moaned and shut one eye as the roller coaster inched it’s way up the hill. My stomach was bubbling like crazy.
‘’Hey do you guys think I should’ve eaten three funnel cakes?’’ Liam burped.
‘’Throw up on the side’’ Rick warned.
‘’No I think I’m good’’ Liam cleared his throat but his face was pale.
Now we were almost all the way up to the top.
‘’We’re gonna die!’’ I screamed shaking my legs back and fourth.
‘’So we’re almost up to the top and Natalie is still crying’’ Kenny yelled into the go-pro.
‘’AHHH! I’m hyperventilating! Get me down from here!’’ I cried. This was my last day on earth!
‘’I’M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!’’ I wailed into the sky.
I noticed it was a color of a Robbin’s egg. Baby blue with no clouds in it at all.
‘’Your breathing normally to me!’’ Rick shouted back.
‘’Shut up!’’ I stuck my tongue out at him.
‘’We’re at the top!’’ Zach sang.
I needed to cover my eyes but my hands were locked in so I couldn’t. ‘’Any last words?’’ Rick smirked at me.
‘’I..’’ I began.
‘’Love you?’’ he made a kiss face.
‘’I was gonna say I hate you’’ I narrowed my eyes at him.
‘’Aww that’s so nice’’ Rick puckered his lips at me.
‘’If I could, I would slap you!’’ I screamed at him.
He opened his mouth to say something else but was interrupted by all of us screaming like bloody murder.
‘’I’M GONNA DIE!’’ I shrieked.
‘’This is AWESOME!’’ Kenny laughed into the go-pro.
‘’YOU GUYS ARE INSANE!’’ I screamed, watching everything blur together.
It was the craziest fastest roller coaster I had ever been on. Okay okay, it was the first real coaster I had ever been on..but still.
‘’Guys?’’ Liam yelled.
‘’WHAT?’’ we all screamed at him.
I clenched my eyes shut as we zipped in a circle. I flicked them open and glanced at Liam out of the corner of my eye.
‘’OH MY GOD HE’S GONNA BLOW!’’ I shouted.
“Wait what?’’ Zach yelled.
‘’I feel...SICK!’’ Liam made a gagging noise.
Oh no.. Please! Don’t land on me! I begged in my mind.
Just then I felt something warm and chunky blow on my back.
‘’Did you just throw up on me?’’ I screamed flailing in my seat.
Rick was busy dying with laughter. ‘’It’s all over Zach’s face!’’ he choked out between laughs.
Kenny was shaking the go-pro back and fourth, gasping with laughter. ‘’The Great Barf On The Super Swirly!’’ Kenny screamed.
“EWWW!’’ I yelled feeling it trickle down my shirt. This was so gross! ‘’It stinks!’’ I wiggled in my seat.
Zach was shouting something about the barf.
I turned my ear so I could hear him. ‘’It’s sliding into my nose!’’ he shouted.
I felt the coaster slow down and break to a quick stop. Finally! This ride was a complete mess! A worker ran over and made a face.
‘’Had a little throw up problem?’’ he guessed unclipping us.
‘’Just a little!’’ Zach clutched his stomach.
I turned to glance at Zach and gagged. It was coated all over his face! His eyelashes were stuck together with huge chunks of food.
Liam stumbled over to the railing and fell to the pavement.
‘’You good dude?’’ Kenny helped him up, laughter edging into his voice.
‘’I feel terrible!’’ he groaned.
‘’And that’s a wrap!’’ Zach rubbed his face and shook his head. A bunch of brown liquid trickled onto the ground.
‘’Rick!’’ I turned to him.
‘’What? It’s not my fault!’’ he bit his lip.
‘’What?’’ I put a hand over my mouth.
Don’t laugh don’t laugh! I let out a little giggle.
“Heyyy it’s not funny!’’ he snorted.
I put my hands on my knees and started laughing so hard my stomach hurt.
‘’S-stop your making me laugh!’’ he cried, tears rolling down his cheeks.
‘’What? I’m not laughing’’ I bit my cheek desperately trying not to keep laughing.
‘’Are you guys making fun of me?’’ Liam pouted limping over to us.
‘’What? No of course not’’ Rick stood up quickly, rubbing his eyes.
‘’Yeah I’m not either’’ I sniffed.
‘’Good. Because..I’m hungry’’ he rubbed his stomach.
‘’I wonder why!’’ Zach roared.
‘’Yeah.. sorry about that’’ Liam sheepishly grinned.
‘’Let’s go find Coach and the others’’ I started for the gate.
‘’Woah, my legs feel weird’’ Rick stumbled into me.
‘’Gahh!’’ I ran into a gate.
A older lady and a guy glanced at me with annoyed looks.
‘’Miranda can we go already? This place is lame!’’ The guy grumbled.
‘’Jimmy we just got here!’’ Miranda answered.
‘’Then can we go on The Flaming Ride Of Death?’’ He asked.
‘’Absolutley not!’’ The lady gasped.
‘’Your a terrible girlfriend! You don’t let me do anything!’’ They guy exploded.
He shoved a little kid holding a balloon and bolted away.
‘’Not again!’’ the lady sighed and disappeared in the swarm of people.
‘’See Natalie? At least I’m not that kind of boyfriend’’ Rick gestured to the place where they were standing.
I rubbed my shoulder which was aching from where I banged it. ‘’Yeah you’re way worse,’’ I teased.
He gasped and flicked my shoulder. ‘’Just kidding! You’re a cute little boyfriend’’ I cooed in a baby voice.
‘’FYI-‘’ he began. I groaned.
‘’FYI please don’t ever say that again’’ I laughed.
Rick laughed and just then we bumped into Coach.
‘’Where have you guys been?’’ Coach demanded, shaking me out of my thoughts.
‘’We went on the biggest roller coaster!’’ Rick pointed to the ride we had just conquered.
Coach studied us with his stormy steel eyes.
‘’Why? What’s the matter?’’ I asked.
Coach ran a hand through his pale white hair. My heart quickened it’s pace.
Something was wrong.
‘’It’s Emily’’ he breathed.
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