it’s just boys- what’s the worst that can happen?
On The Ice
‘’DILLY DILLY!’’ I yelled throwing my sundae cup into the air.
‘’Dilly dilly!’’ Everyone yelled holding their icecream cups up.
‘’Great game everybody! Especially that penalty’’ PJ grinned at me.
Pablo and Isaac had both gotten a penalty and even had to sit out for the rest of the game.
It was super awesome to watch. They were even forced to shake our hands!
I scooped a whole bunch of icecream into my mouth. ‘’Hey everybody guess what?’’ Rick balled up his napkin.
‘’Natalie got her dress!’’ he sang. I shot him a death glance.
‘’Ooh I wanna see!’’ Liam shouted.
‘’Fine’’ I sighed taking out my phone.
‘’Actually never mind. You guys are just gonna have to wait and see’’ I smirked.
‘’Oh come on! Please!!!’’ Zach begged giving me a puppy lip.
‘’No!’’ I shook my head.
‘’Ughhhh fine’’ Zach deflated like a little balloon.
‘’Which reminds me, I gotta go get ready’’ I quickly shoved the rest of my ice cream into my mouth.
It was so good, like seriously I could eat it all day.
But then I would get fat, so that’s a no.
‘’Don’t forget, my house, six o clock’’ Rick turned to me.
‘’Yeah yeah I won’t forget mom‘’ I teased.
‘’Hey I’m just trying to save you from being late to a school dance’’ he surrendered.
My phone buzzed and I quickly glanced at the message.
How was the game?
Are u coming home soon?
Isn’t that dance today?
Mom was super weird with texting.
She didn’t do it all in one message, she had to split up, so I got like ten texts every day from her.
I’m coming home rn. The game was..interesting but we won
‘’Kiss kiss kiss!’’ Liam chanted banging the table.
‘’Do it do it do it!’’ Owen laughed.
Lately I had heard his voice getting a little louder. Maybe he was getting less shy. Which was good.
‘’Oh and don’t wear a tuxedo, I repeat don’t’’ I wagged my finger.
‘’Why not? I already bought one’’ he protested.
‘’No tuxedo!’’
He rolled his eyes but he still was going to wear one. I could tell. It was just Rick.
‘’See you guys’’ I waved and started for the door.
‘’Hey! You never gave me a kiss!’’ Rick made a face.
I rolled my eyes. ‘’Fine’’ I kissed him.
‘’There. Is that better?’’ I stuck my tounge out at him.
‘’I mean, it would be a little better if it was longer...’’ he grinned.
I smacked him. ‘’Ow! Okay sorry’’ he laughed.
‘’Oooh!’’ Liam chucked a rolled up ball at us.
‘’I ship you guys’’ Kenny flatly said staring at his phone.
‘’Alright now I’ll go, see you guys in uh...’’ I checked my phone again.
‘’One hour’’ I raced outside and jumped back.
Mom’s car was pulled up to the side. ‘’How’d you know I was here?’’ I slipped inside and buckled up.
‘’I put a little tracker in your phone’’ she stated.
‘’Wait what?’’ I started scrolling through my history.
Sure enough there was a little link called Trackmypuppy! ‘’Mom this is for dogs’’ I waved it around.
‘’Yeah but it works’’ she pulled out of the shop.
I laughed and shook my head. ‘’So I bought some earrings for the dance tonight’’ she handed me a plastic bag.
‘’Really?’’ I yanked them out and stared at them.
They were so pretty. I mean I sounded like a crazed teenager but they really were beautiful.
‘’Mom how much were these?’’ I examined the shiny diamond.
‘’Only a few bucks’’ she lied sheepishly.
Mom was terrible at keeping secrets. Once when I was little and still believed, I put a tooth under my pillow and when I woke up there wasn’t any money.
So I told her and she said the fairy must’ve forgot and she would come the next night. So I waited the enxt night and I never got any money.
When I told Mom again she just gave up and told me it was her.
That’s when I stopped believing in Santa, the Easter bunny and also the tooth fairy.
The boogy monster is still up there.
I mean he’s really freaky!
I watched ten conspiracy theory videos on YouTube about him, and it scared the living daylights out of me for WEEKS.
‘’Did you hear me Natalie?’’ Mom turned into our driveway.
‘’What no I didn’t. Sorry’’ I unbuckled myself.
‘’Go put on your dress, I want to see how it fits’’ she ordered.
‘’Okay!’’ I basically bolted upstairs and yanked the dress out of the box.
It-was-perfect! I let out a chipmunk squeal.
‘’Hey keep it down in there! I’m trying to do something’’ Hugo shouted.
I opened his door a crack. ‘’What the heck are you doing?’’ I laughed.
He squinted and very carefully pulled a needle through a stitch.
‘’I’m knitting duh. What does it look like?’’ he snorted.
‘’Your knitting?‘’ I repeated.
‘’Um yeah now go away I’m concentrating’’ he bit his lip and popped the needle through another hole.
‘’Isn’t that for girls?’’ I giggled.
‘’No! I took a tutorial on YouTube cause I want to make something for Angelica. How does it look?’’ he held up a mangled sweater hybrid thing.
‘’Do you want the nice or real answer?’’ I put a hand over my mouth to stop the laughter.
‘’Real’’ he gave me a look.
‘’It’s terrible. It looks like underwear’’ I laughed.
‘’Does not! And how do you know I’m not making undergarments for her?’’ he stuck his tongue out at me.
‘’That would be disturbing but okay’’ I shook my head.
‘’Move it!’’ he started to wheel toward me.
‘’Okay okay’’ I giggled and scampered away.
The dress went on quickly and Mom said that I looked like a stunning princess.
‘’Moooom can you not?’’ I blinded myself from the cameras.
‘’Sorry honey you just look so pretty’’ she clicked another picture.
‘’Where’s Dad? I want to show him’’ I twirled around.
‘’In a meeting’’ she sighed.
He was doing that all the time now, and even skipping meals to do work in his room.
‘’Figures’’ I felt my shoulders drop.
I glanced at the clock and gasped. What the heck it was already time to go!
‘’Mom I have to go’’ I grabbed a apple from the fridge and started outside.
‘’Where are you going? Don’t I have to drop you off?’’ she raised an eyebrow.
‘’ of my ice buddies is’’ I explained already halfway out the door.
‘’Okay have fun!’’ she waved happily and snapped one last picture.
Her voice was still fresh in my mind as I crept down the sidewalk of Rick’s house.
I had memorized his address for a weird creepy reason so it was easy for me to get there.
‘’I don’t know what to wear!’’ I heard Rick scream.
I stiffled a laugh and sat down behind the door. This was gonna be a nice little show.
‘’Green or blue? Green or bue? Green or blue?’’ he panicked showing PJ who was snickering.
‘’Chill out, either color you pick Natalie is still gonna think you look handsome in’’ PJ shrugged.
‘’But, is green to bright?’’ he sighed.
‘’Or is the blue too weird?’’ Rick shoved the clothes in PJ’s face.
‘’Go with blue’’ PJ shrugged.
‘’But’s the color of Blues Clues!’’ he whined.
‘’It’s the color of ice’’ PJ suggested.
‘’It’s just a tie you dummy it’s not the end of the world’’ he rolled his eyes.
‘’Says the boy who’s been combing his hair for three hours’’ Rick shoved him.
‘’What? I mean Astrid is gonna be there’’ he protested.
‘’OOOH Astrid!!’’ Rick fluttered his eyelashes.
‘’What kind of name is that anyway, is she like a meteor?’’ Rick teased.
‘’Your the one who brought your girlfriend to a METEOR show’’ PJ gave him a look.
‘’Um for your information, she loved it’’ he crossed his arms.
‘’Sure sure. I think Natalie just said that because she’s nice’’ PJ laughed.
‘’Okay, how do I look?’’ Rick turned to face PJ.
I felt my mouth fall open. Aww he looked so cute.
‘’Pretty’’ PJ nodded.
Rick pumped his fist and grinned. ‘’Pretty ugly’’ PJ dodged Rick’s fist.
‘’I’m kidding I’m kidding. You look dashing‘’ he shoved him.
‘’Thanks you look ugly. As usual’’ Rick nodded.
‘’Ugh! I hate you’’ PJ laughed.
‘’Okay now we just have to wait’’ Rick sat down on the floor and started tapping on his knees.
‘’What if I get stood up?’’ he gasped.
‘’Your not gonna get stood up’’ PJ assured him.
‘’Blue or green blue or green blue or green?’’ I tackled Rick.
‘’Gah! You heard all that?’’ I rolled off of him and sat up on the tile floor.
‘’Yep. But it’s alright, I like the blue tie’’ I yanked it. He blushed and locked eyes with me.
‘’Wow your dress looks even prettier in person’’ Rick breathed.
I smiled shyly.
‘’Hey and this time your tie isn’t a clip on one’’ I grinned.
‘’PJ helped me tie it’’ he beamed and stood up.
‘’Ready for the dance my lady?’’ he said in a British accent.
‘’Ready as I’ll ever be’’ I nodded.
And with that we walked out of the house, off to the school dance.
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