it’s just boys- what’s the worst that can happen?
On The Ice
‘’Hey be careful, that cake has two hundred grams of sugar. You’ll be hyper for hours’’ Zach pointed to it.
‘’How do you know?’’ I laughed.
”CAUSE I JUST HAD TEN PIECES!’’ he screamed and shoved a whole bunch onto his face.
‘’Alrighty then’’ I carefully cut a small piece onto my plate and grabbed a fork.
‘’Put more on than that!’’ he ripped a bunch of cake off the platter and plopped it on my plate.
‘’Zach you can’t do that!’’ I looked around nervously.
‘’Muahahahaha!’’ he leaped away and started jumping up and down to the music.
The school gym had been completely transformed and everything was colorful with tons of streamers and balloons.
The music was so loud it felt like my feet had a heartbeat.
I scooped a whole bunch into my mouth and gagged. It tasted like complete cardboard. Gross!
‘’Yuck!’’ I muttered.
‘’Hey Natalie! Kenny wants us to meet his girlfriend’’ Zach skipped over to me.
‘’Really?’’ I spotted a trashcan and dumped my food in there.
If that was the food in school, I was totally bringing my own. Throw up central right there.
I squeezed my way through the team and found a spot between Owen and Benny.
Benny tugged my hand. “Yeah?’’ I turned to him.
He made a heart with his hand and pointed to my dress.
‘’You likey?’’ I guessed.
He nodded. ‘’Yeah you look like Elsa’’ Owen gave me a thumbs up.
‘’Thanks Christoff’’ I teased.
‘’Hey I’m just trying to be nice’’ Owen whispered.
I shoved him. ‘’I’m just kidding’’ I grinned at him.
In reply he shoved a bunch of cake in his mouth. How did he eat that nasty stuff? I shuddered.
‘’So this is the famous Rosie!’’ Rick blurted out.
‘’Kenny!’’ she smacked him.
‘’Ow! What did I do?’’ Kenny rubbed his face.
‘’Oh my gosh is that Natalie Wen?’’ she ran over to me.
‘’I really wanted to meet you. Your like a legend!’’ Rosie squealed.
‘’I am?’’ I grinned.
‘’Um totally! Kenny gossips about you like everyday’’ she rolled her eyes.
‘’Hey I do not!’’ Kenny protested.
She waved him off and mouthed ‘’sure okay’’ to me.
‘’I literally know nothing about hockey, but I am a big fan of field hockey’’ she shrugged.
‘’Really? Are you good?’’ I asked.
‘’Yeah she’s amazing’’ Kenny hugged her.
Rosie blushed and looked down at her shoes.
‘’Hey we gotta think of a ship name for them’’ I nudged Liam.
His eyes widened.
‘’Yeah your so right Natalie. I mean we got Natick but not something for you two’’ he gestured at them.
‘’Ooh I know! What about Kerosie?’’ I suggested.
‘’That’s a no’’ Kenny shook his head.
‘’What do you mean? I like it’’ I grinned.
‘’What about um..’’ Liam snapped his fingers trying to think.
‘’Wait hold the phone! Natick? Do you have a boyfriend?’’ Rosie’s eyes got excited.
‘’Yeah’’ I blushed.
‘’It’s me!’’ Rick popped up from behind me like a groundhog.
‘’Ohhhhhh! it’s Rick! Yeah Kennny talks about how stupid you are’’ Rosie nodded.
‘’Seriously Kenny?’’ Rick gave him a look.
‘’Okay that was a exaggeration and you know it’’ Kenny glared at her.
Rosie laughed evilly.
‘’Okay come on, we have to talk. You seem amazing!’’ she sang locking arms with me.
‘’I know, sorry Natalie she’s really hyper’’ Kenny shook his head.
‘’Kenny! I am not’’ Rosie crossed her arms. She put out her lower lip.
‘’Uh-oh that’s the puppy lip’’ I observed.
A little smile slid onto her face but she kept the lip.
‘’Okay okay sorry’’ he apologized quickly.
‘’Yeahhhh you better be’’ she squinted at him.
I laughed and she whipped me around.
‘’Oh my gosh by the way I absolutely love your dress. It goes amazing with your eyes!’’ she twirled me in a circle.
‘’Oh. Thank you’’ I blushed.
‘’No problembo! Rick is super cute by the way I can see how you guys are a couple’’ she giggled.
‘’Yeah he is. When did you start dating Kenny?’’ I asked.
She scooped a cupcake off a table.
‘’Well its a looooonnnggg story but we’ve always liked each other’’ she admitted.
‘’Does he talk about me all the time?’’ she started to unwrap the treat.
‘’Yeah basically. He’s usually really so..depressed’’ I said in a sluggish voice.
She laughed. ‘’Oh my gosh I know! Whenever he starts to talk like that I’m like Kenny stop!’’ she made a funny face.
‘’You sound like you want to die! And then he’s like no I don’t! And I’m like uh yeah you do!’’ she grinned.
I couldn’t help but smile back. It was like it was contagious somehow.
‘’But yeah’’ she sighed.
It was the crush sigh I could hear it. I wonder if I did that when I was around Rick and didn’t I didn’t notice.
‘’He’s really sweet it’s just most people don’t see that. They just see a criminal’’ her face got upset.
‘’I mean why can’t people stop judging other people?’’ she chomped her cupcake furiously.
‘’Yeah tell me about it’’ I huffed grabbing a cup of juice from another table.
That was like Hugo in a nutshell. Without the sweet part.
‘’So do tell, is Rick super dreamy or is he the slick laid back guy’’ she said in a funny voice.
‘’Rick is..’’ I looked over at him.
He was shoving two brownies into his mouth and dancing. I laughed.
‘’He’s goofy, but he blushes really easily’’ I watched him start to do the worm, with brownie still in his mouth.
‘’And he’s really good at hockey’’ I noticed I was going on and on about him.
I felt my cheeks grow hot. ‘’Awwww your so in love!’’ she squealed. I blushed.
‘’So when did you have your big smooch?’’ she was jumping up and down now.
‘’You go first” I smiled at her.
‘’Oh fine. Um..I’m pretty sure it was after I won my field hockey game when we were on a long losing streak’’ she put a hand on her chin.
‘’Yeah I think that was it’’ she nodded.
‘’And not a quick one right?’’ I laughed.
‘’Natalie!’’ she giggled.
‘’And yes, I mean I guess these days you would call it making out’’ she blushed.
‘’Oohh Rosie!’’ I teased.
‘’Oh come on. Would you not, I mean if you weren’t dating Rick, would you kiss him?’’ she pointed to him.
‘’Um..’’ I cocked my head at him. That was actually kind of a hard question.
‘’Yeah probably’’ I admitted.
‘’See?’’ she grabbed my arm again.
‘’Do I sound weird when I say he’s a hunk? I feel like I sound weird? Do I?’’ she giggled.
‘’Um, not really’’ I shook my head.
It did sound a little odd but I wasn’t gonna say that to her face. Rosie was to nice.
‘’Wow. Okay I toatally ship you two now’’ I taunted. She scrunched up her face and started dancing.
‘’You never told me your kiss story!’’ she chewed some more of her cupcake and held it out to me.
‘’It was on my birthday’’ I took a piece off.
Her mouth fell open.
‘’OMG! That is like the most romantic thing-ever!’’ she hugged me. I laughed.
‘’Yeah I know and before he brought me to a meteor shower’’ I drained the rest of my punch.
‘’Aww that is so adorable!’’ Rosie put a hand to her chest.
‘’What me? I know’’ Kenny came up behind her.
‘’Ha ha no’’ Rosie turned to him.
‘’And who picked your tux?’’ she tugged his tie.
He gasped.
‘’Um I did! I think it looks good’’ he protested.
‘’I know I was gonna say that’’ Rosie nodded.
‘’Sure sure sure’’ he popped a bunch of chips into his mouth.
‘’Anyway wanna dance?’’ he started doing the disco.
‘’Ummmm’’ she turned to me and mouthed ‘’what do I do?’’ to me. I grinned and started to back away.
‘’Do it’’ I mouthed turning around.
And then to add mystery, I disappeared through the crowd.
‘’Hey Natalie does this taste bad to you?’’ Rick handed me a cookie.
I bit it and frowned.
‘’Blech! That’’ I spit it out in my hand and threw it on the floor.
‘’I knew it! We’re being poisoned!’’ he decided.
‘’That’s a little much’’ I laughed.
‘’You never know. This school is evil‘’ he stretched out the last word.
‘’Its still nasty’’ he made a face.
‘’It’s not worse than the cake’’ I pointed to it.
‘’Oh yeah I know, I kinda threw that up’’ he took a crumpled up napkin out from his pocket.
‘’Ew Rick!’’ I slapped it away.
‘’Let’s dance’’ he decided.
‘’Um..I don’t know how to’’ I admitted. Dances and dresses weren’t really a big thing for me.
‘’Course you do. Look all you have to do is..uh grab my shoulders’’ he instructed.
‘’That’s creepy’’ I made a face.
‘Do you want to dance or not?’’ he laughed.
‘’Okay okay, now what?’’ I straightened mysef out.
‘’Try to ignore the sappy love song’’ he nodded to the DJ.
I strained to hear the dopey song and gagged. And Darling I could never live without you! The terrible singer yelled.
‘’Hey look we’re the odd ones out’’ I turned around.
Everybody was kissing somebody. Even Benny! ‘’See I told you, everybody had a crush’’ Rick nudged me.
‘’Aren’t you gonna stop PJ?’’ I grinned.
‘’Nah.’’ he waved me off.
‘’Well..okay I have to’’ he put his fingers to his mouth and whistled.
‘’Hey PJ aren’t you gonna introduce me to your GIRLFRIEND?’’ he waved at her.
PJ’s face turned the color of ketchup. I watched them both hurry away. ‘’I can’t tell which of them was blushing harder’’ I laughed.
‘’See? It’s fun doing that’’ Rick grinned.
‘’Hey by the way I think your dress looks..uh’’ he pulled out a crumpled up piece of paper from his jacket. I held back a laugh.
‘’Dazzling? No to gushy..Um what about delicately perfect?’’ he looked at me.
I made a gun and shot myself in the head. ‘’Okay fine what about, gorgeous?’’ Rick complimented.
‘’Thanks Taylor Swift’’ I teased. He blushed.
’’Just kidding, and thanks, your tie’’ I tried.
‘’Handsome? Seriously? I think it’s dashing‘’ he flapped it in my face.
‘’Fine. Your tie is super dashing’’ I said in my famous goofy voice.
‘’Do you think we’re gonna win the playoffs?’’ Rick asked.
‘’Yeah. Don’t you?’’ I heard the music start to get back upbeat.
‘’Yeah as long as you’re playing‘’ he sang.
‘’Want to know when I started liking you?’’ he smiled at me. ‘’Sure’’ I blushed.
‘’ dumped that icecream on Joey’s head’’ Rick laughed.
‘’That was pretty funny’’ I giggled.
‘’I still have butterflies when I look at you’’ he blushed, causing me to do the same.
I think Rosie was right. I was in love.
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