it’s just boys- what’s the worst that can happen?
On The Ice
‘I’m home!’’ I shut the door and sighed in the warm heat. Dancing really took it out of you.
‘’Nat, come tell us about the dance!’’ Mom waved me down.
‘’Izzy was there’’ I said in a small voice.
‘’Wait what?’’ Mom frowned.
‘’Jasmine knows her or something’’ I shrugged.
‘’Weird’’ she scratched her head.
‘’Yeah I haven’t talked with you in while’’ Dad hugged me.
I gave him a look and squirmed out of his grip. ‘’Where have you been exactly?’’ I crossed my arms.
He nervously glanced at me and pushed his glasses up his face. ‘’Lots of meetings. It’s peak season’’ he sighed.
‘’It’s September. You weren’t even here to see my dress’’ I huffed.
‘’I see it now! It looks great!’’ he complimented.
‘’Well the dance is over’’ I brushed past them.
‘’Natalie wait!’’ Dad called out to me.
‘’What?’’ I exploded.
‘’Are you gonna give us another excuse of why your never around anymore? Just leave me alone!’’ I raged and stormed upstairs.
I leaned against my door and slid down to the carpet. ‘’I’m so tired’’ I rubbed my face.
‘’Same. I was up all night knitting’’ Hugo wheeled into my room.
I glared at him. ‘’Go away!’’ I turned from him.
‘’Go away’’ he mimicked.
‘’So how was the dance?’’ he asked.
‘’It was pretty fun. The food tasted like butt’’ I admitted.
‘’What does that taste like?’’ he grabbed a pen off my dresser and launched it at me.
I swiped it away and shrugged. ‘’Why are you so moody tonight?’’ he started snooping in my cabinets.
‘’Because Dad acts like nothing’s wrong’’ I sighed.
‘’Well..what is wrong?’’ Hugo sniffed a little bottle of perfume and gagged.
‘’Blech. Smells like girl’’ he made a face.
I rolled my eyes. ‘’Dad is never here and he doesn’t think that’s a problem’’ I explained.
‘’Well..maybe-‘’ I cut him off.
‘’Leve me alone! You don’t know anything’’ I pulled a blanket off my bed and stuck my head in it.
‘’Okay then. I’m going, since you obviously don’t want your big bro around’’ he stopped at my door.
‘’Can you get this?’’ he glanced at me.
‘’Ugh! Jasmine was right. You are crippled!’’ It came out so fast I didn’t even have time to stop it.
I put a hand on my mouth. ‘’Oh my gosh, Hug-‘’
“Just open the door’’ he ordered, his voice hurt.
I watched him wheel so quick into his room, he left tire marks on the floor. I sighed and clicked off my light.
‘’I didn’t mean it!’’ I shouted to his door.
‘’I get it okay? You don’t want your crippled brother to talk to you’’ he opened his door a creak.
‘’No! It just came out, I’m sorry’’ my voice cracked.
‘’Whatever. Sometimes I wish another family adopted me’’ he stared at the ground.
‘’Hugo!’’ I angrily shouted.
‘’There! Now you know how I felt when you said I was crippled. It doesn’t feel very good, does it?‘’ Hugo shot back.
‘’I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it really!’’ I sniffled feeling on the verge of tears.
What in the world was going on with me? Weird! I was just happy...and then mad..and now I’m sad?
‘’Whatever Natalie’’ he slammed his door in my face.
I let out a roar like literally a real roar and flopped onto my bed. My phone buzzed in my pocket.
I’m giving u the silent treatement
I rolled my eyes at his door.
Fine. Idc
Yes u do.
No I don’t!
Your just moody. It’s called hormones kid
:((((((((((((((((( Why?
Welllllll...if u want the health question..when your body starts to produce..
Are we good now? I’m really Sowwy
UGHHHHHHHHH. Fine u little brat
:D YAYYYY! U don’t really wish that right?
Noooooo. I was just saying that. Now gn I’m tired
Don’t u need help getting into bed?
No thanks MOMMY I’m good
Fine. How are u gonna sleep though?
What do u mean? I just heft mysef out of the wheelcahir and go to bed. Now GN!
Kk, love you
Ur supposed to say love you to back!
I am?
YES! Now let’s try it again. Love you
I hate u.
Ha ha GN
I sighed and pulled the comforter up to my chin. A knock erupted from outside.
‘’Can I come in?’’ It was Dad.
I sighed and unlocked the door. ‘’Hi’’ I flatly said.
‘’Let’s talk shall we?’’ he hopped onto my bed like a little kid.
I grabbed my unicorn pillow and buried my head into it. ‘’Are you guys getting a divorce?’’ I sniffled.
Dad’s eyes widened.
‘’Of course not! Where did that idea come from?’’ He shuffled closer to me.
‘’You and Mom are always fighting’’ I shrugged.
‘’Natalie, just cause we disagree, doesn’t mean that we don’t love each other’’ he began.
‘’But you guys are always arguing’’ I sighed.
‘’We are?’’ he seemed shocked.
‘’Yeah I don’t know if you notice but Mom needs you around here’’ I shrugged.
‘’She does?’’ he spluttered. I smacked my face.
Dad was so clueless. ‘’Uh yeah. And your never around for me and Hugo’’ I felt my shoulders sag.
‘’O-of course I am’’ Dad wrapped a arm around me.
‘’Yeah well sometimes it feels like your a planet away’’ I admitted.
‘’You really feel like that?’’ Dad looked hurt.
‘’Yeah. And Hugo needs you’’ I added.
‘’He’s really nervous about going to High-school in a wheelchair. And um..his girlfriend isn’t the best’’ I muttered.
Which was so true. I mean did he have to pick Angelica?
Dad laughed.
‘’I know, she acts like a jerk huh?’’ he picked at a fluff of hair on my unicorn. I nodded.
‘’Well, I’ll leave you to get some rest’’ he stood up.
‘’And work on my fighting with your Mother’’ he rubbed his hair which had started to get a little gray.
Probably from all the bank problems and kids. ‘’Kay. Goodnight’’ I snuggled down in my bed.
Ooh almost forgot. I tapped on Ricks name.
Tell Peter James goodnight
He said to go die in a hole
Tell him, bite me
He said okay
XD Okay gn I just had to say that. Who names their kid Peter James?
Uh..duh my Mom! Who names their kid Rick?
I like the name Rick
Yeah cause your my girlfriend
Yeah but it’s cool to. Okay gotta go, tell Peter James I said bye.
He said he’s gonna come beat you up
Tell him Collin already did that
I don’t know what he’s saying, he’s dying with laughter
XD Ttyl dude
I had fun tonight
Me to, thanks for not wearing a tux
YW. I was about to, but I didn’t want to get u mad
:D Goodnight
See ya
I was just about to turn off my phone when I felt it buzz again.
It was Hugo.
Love you
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