it’s just boys- what’s the worst that can happen?
On The Ice
Almost everybody had been introduced.
Owen had long shaggy hair and green eyes. He was 13 years old and had played ice hockey for five years.
He had a older brother in college and liked to play the piano.
I had never met a boy who played piano before. Interesting.
He seemed real quiet.
His voice was barely above a whisper. After Owen sat down and started picking his fingernails off, it hit me.
‘’Wait, where’s Collin?’’ I asked Rick.
He huffed.
‘’What you don’t like him?’’ I asked.
‘’I do. He’s just in the Florida Keys right now living it up, so he’s not here,’’ he explained.
‘’Oh,’’ I stared at the ice. Darn it.
Not that I would ever say it, but he was pretty easy to look at.
Dad said that I couldn’t have a boyfriend until I was 17 at the latest.
But what if I could have an undercover boyfriend?
‘’But-‘’ Rick’s voice snapped me back to practice.
‘’He’ll be back before our first game,’’ he gave me a suspicious look.
I smiled under my helmet and looked up at the next kid. Benny.
When he stood up, everybody burst into laughter. Benny looked like a first grader.
He was so small.
So tiny you basically needed a microscope to see his face.
‘’What’s with him?’’ I nudged Rick.
‘’Oh, Benny? He’s cool, but he doesn’t talk.’’ he replied.
I frowned. ‘’Then how is he gonna introduce himself?’’ I laughed.
‘’You’ll see,’’ he grinned.
I watched Benny whip something out of his pocket, type something and then tap the screen.
‘’Hello, my name is Benny. I am 13, and cannot talk. I love hockey and have played for four years. I’m an only child and got adopted last year,’’ the robotic voice said.
I grinned at Benny. Okay, that was pretty cool.
‘’So basically you’re slow?’’ PJ shouted out.
Benny’s face turned a shade of red as he typed something.
‘’Nope. But I’m pretty sure you are.’’ the voice said.
Zach laughed out loud and nudged PJ.
‘’It’s not funny you idiot!’’ he hissed.
I opened my mouth to say something but instead closed it.
I didn’t have the guts right now. Especially while everybody was looking at me.
‘’Alright, alright!’’ Coach told Benny to sit and everybody just stared at each other.
Mostly at me.
‘’Do you have an eye problem?’’ I shot to mostly PJ.
He rolled his eyes. ‘’I think you have a problem,’’ he mumbled to me.
Coach eyed him warily. ‘’Shut up PJ,’’ Rick leaned over Joey to spit at him.
‘’You shut up!’’ PJ shot back. I rolled my eyes.
‘’ENOUGH!’’ Coach yelled, his voice sharp and strong.
Both of them gave each other a eye until we were ordered to stand up.
‘’Now it’s time to start real practice,’’ Coach rubbed his wrinkly hands together.
I gulped. What does real practice mean? Liam hopped up on the ice, and stumbled a little bit.
‘’Woah,’’ he grabbed my shoulder to balance himself.
‘’Hey,’’ I laughed.
‘’Sorry,’’ he skated to face all of us and struck a pose.
‘’I was getting hyped,’’ he started doing some sort of chicken dance. It kind of hurt my eyes to watch.
‘’For the games?’’ Zach asked.
‘’No, for pasta,’’ he rubbed his stomach.
Pasta? Okay, was I missing something?
‘’Why do you want pasta?’’ I blurted out.
Joey made a face like he had just eaten a lemon.
‘’Every game before it starts we have a pasta party at Coach’s house,’’ Rick explained.
Coach looked up at his name.
‘’You guys talking about the pp?’’ he asked.
Benny grinned and laughed silently.
‘’PP,’’ Zach echoed shaking his head with laughter.
I didn’t think it was that funny but okay. I noticed Owen watching everyone, nervously.
He flinched at every word they said. I skated over to him.
‘’Hey,’’ I stuck out a hand.
He jumped at me and glanced at me with his eyes.
‘’Oh. Hi,’’ he mumbled shaking my hand quickly. His hand was light and a little sticky.
‘’So,’’ I scratched my head.
‘’What position do you play?’’ I pestered.
‘’Um, usually I’m a defenseman,’’ he replied.
‘’Oh, cool me to!’’ I grinned. Maybe he wasn’t even that bad, I just had to get used to him.
‘’Oh.’’ Owen’s face darkened. He slowly turned around so his back was facing me.
What was up with him?
I turned back to Liam who was failing at trying to do the worm on the ice. He banged his head on the ground and yelled.
‘’Somebody please stop him,’’ Benny’s voice said.
Joey roared with laughter.
‘’Whoop whoop!’’ Liam shouted doing a dance.
‘’You won’t be dancing after this practice,’’ Coach adjusted his face.
‘’Wait-what?’’ Liam dropped his hand.
Coach began laughing, but we didn’t know what was so funny.
‘’He’s gone insane,’’ Liam shook his head sadly.
‘’It’s all these losses. You guys know we haven’t won in ten years?’’ he sighed.
My eyes widened. 10 Years?
Coach finally collected himself and ordered us all onto the ice.
‘’Get ready for the pain,’’ he clapped his hands.
I had no idea that he wasn’t lying even a tiny bit when he said that.
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