The Sequel To One-hundred And Eighty Days
One-hundred And Eighty Days 2: High School Dilemma
Introduction (Even Though You Probably Already Know Me!)
What should I wear? What should I wear?! I have to make a first good impression on my first day of high school!
Oh, hi! I didn’t notice you there! It’s me, Ella! You know, from Creekville Middle School.
Okay, still a little confused, huh? Maybe I ought to introduce myself again...
Well, my full name is Ella Birks- leaving out my embarrassing middle name. I am now officially in ninth grade A.K.A. high school!
Wow, what a jump, right? I know. Last time you heard from me was like, what, seventh grade? Yeah, that sounds right.
I know, I know, you’re wondering why in the world I left out eighth grade. Well, because it was boring, and nothing really happened, unless you count the time one of the cooks actually set the kitchen on fire for a while- but not to worry! It didn’t do too much damage.
My pet guinea pig Caramel is doing pretty well, but I’ll bet that’s not really what you’re interested in. Yep, I’ll bet you want to know what’s been going on with me and my friends, Delia Springs, Lizzie Calico, Chrissa Newsum, and Clara Biscotti. Oh, and let’s not leave out Kylie Wonders, my other friend who unfortunately moved away almost two years ago to Brooksdale, a city about four hours away driving.
So, if you can recall, me and my friends, with the exception of Kylie who had already moved away, created a club. We do pretty much nothing and wait until somebody, either a fellow classmate or a fellow classmate’s cousin, wants a bracelet from us, and then we sell her one for a very low price.
I mean, what can I say? We’re five teenagers selling pretty jewelry.
But what makes our bracelets unique is that they’re always a surprise, and not one is ever the same.
I guess it’s not really a club, but I don’t consider it necessarily a business, either. We don’t really do it to make money, we just like getting to know people better.
Anyways, rather than having people always call us ‘Ella, Delia, Lizzie, Chrissa, and Clara’, we five came up with a group name.
We are...
The Flower Powers!
Okay, I know, that sounds a little cheesy, but it’s what we decided on, and we like it.
Now, here’s a little recap on all of my friends:
Delia is my best friend from seventh grade. (Well, most of it, anyways.) She isn’t super girly, if you know what I mean, but she’s pretty cool. She’s very determined, however, and she’s extremely opinionated. I will mention, though, that she is really temperamental, meaning if you say just one thing that tips her off- yeah, it’s not fun. But overall, she’s a true friend, and I’m lucky to have her.
Then there’s Lizzie, who’s kind of like Delia, but at the same time, not really. She’s very outspoken and loves to be complimented, but she’s also very kind. She can be boastful sometimes, but because she is Kylie’s best friend, we all respect her.
Before I get to Kylie’s long story, I have to mention Chrissa and Clara.
Now, Chrissa and Clara are very different from one another.
Chrissa is kind of quiet, and doesn’t really like to take sides, if you know what I mean. But that’s okay. She is very supportive, and I have never seen her get mad at anyone before.
She can be kind of sensitive sometimes, and maybe a little shy, but she’s a good friend.
Clara, on the other hand, is kind of the opposite of Chrissa. She’s loud sometimes, maybe a little straightforward, but really nice.
Well, I suppose all of my friends are nice, but you get the point.
Anyways, Clara is super girly. I mean, she wants to be a hairdresser when she grows up. Seriously, she wakes up an hour and a half earlier than everyone else I know just so that she can fix up her hair before school. Really?
But don’t get me wrong, she really is a very welcoming, fun person to be around with.
And then there’s Kylie.
Kylie was our friend (and still is!) back in seventh grade. You see, she actually introduced me to her friends, Lizzie, Chrissa, and Clara right when Delia and I were, uh, not doing so well, and we all became the best of friends. (And still are today!)
Later on, of course, Kylie dropped the bomb- not literally, you guys- on us all three weeks before Christmas and told us that she was moving away to be closer to her family in Brookdale, which just happens to be four hours from where we all live now, in Creekville.
At the time, we were all (well, maybe not me so much, because I could relate more) mad at Kylie for not telling us sooner, but eventually I helped make things right again.
Once Kylie moved away we were pretty upset, but then when we said goodbye to her outside my old middle school, I spotted Delia out of the corner of my eye, and we became friends again.
Then, I introduced her to my other friends, we created the Flower Powers group, and we’ve been buddies ever since.
Okay, now who am I missing? Oh, right! I suppose I forgot to tell you some more facts about me, didn’t I?
Well, one important thing that you should know about me is that before I started seventh grade, I was homeschooled by my parents. I liked it a lot, because I had more time to do fun stuff, but the problem was that I didn’t have anyone to do stuff with. So, when I started public school, while I got homework and it took longer, I had friends, and now I am not lonely.
I used to live in Seaside, a city a ways away from here. That’s where I was homeschooled. But when rent issues and missing family reunions started coming up, we had it, and away we went to Creekville, a small town on the outskirts of... well, nowhere, really. But I love it here, and I have friends, and family.
That’s all I can really ask for.
Now, what was I doing? Oh, yes, I’m late for my first day of high school and I can’t find a single thing to wear and- wait, what?!
Crud, I’m late!
It’s here!! The sequel to One-hundred And Eighty Days is here! Yippee!!!
Okay, I know that I literally just finished the first book three days ago, but who cares? The second one is here!!
Did you all know that my last book ended with (so far) 3565 views, 481 comments, 464 hearts, and 170 reposts? Yup, no kidding!
I am just so excited! But seriously, I’d better let you keep on reading.
Thanks again for all the love and support! This couldn’t have been done without all of the Storybirders who have been with me since my first book, which I started two months ago, and has thirty-four chapters in total.
Love you all! Thanks!
P.S. I know I’ve written this everywhere already, but this is a sequel! Please read my first book before this one! Thanks again!!
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