One In A Many
Everyday the same
It was a clear blue day with a few puffy clouds were playing around. Beneath the sky was some brown bunnys munching on some grass. Yep, that’s me a bunny. With my 48 brothers and sisters we were staring at a field, full of bright green grass and white chamomiles. As the others hopped of I realised we do the samething everyday! What was beyond the fields? What was beyond the moutains?
“Hey Benny, are you comming?” It was Lilly my sister, the only difference between us is her eyes are a light green were mine are blue like the sea. she hopped over a caring look in her eyes, “is something wrong? You aren’t hopping around and smiling like you do everyday.”
I looked at her giving a sigh. I was the only one in my family who wanted to explore and discover, “ I don’t know... Maybe I just think it is weird that we do the same thing everyday.”
I glanced at Lilly hoping she would believe me, but all she did was sniff. She hopped over and whispered in my ear:
“ Well, I have thought about that but........” The little bit of the voice you could hear faded away as Mia came over. Her face was brightly lit with yellow stuff around her mouth with pedals from a dandelion.
“ Come on! I found loads!” Mia shouted as she hopped through the long patch of grass.
Reluctantly we followed through the close long grass. As we reached the other side, our eyes got blinded at the sight of hundredths and thousands of dandelions. The smell of new flower swam up my nostrils making them burn. Behind the magical sight, my eyes wandered of to the waterfall where butterflies and dragon flies were dozing in the hot sun. Mia hopped of over to some woods on the far right. The huge trees were towering over us making us feel small and tiny. Scanning edge the woods I spotted a white bunny tail, but before I could register the image it was gone.
“ Did you guys see that?” I stared at the spot where it had disappeared.
“ See what?”
“ The white bunny tail from the bushes right there!” I pointed with my nose at where I had seen it.
On the way home I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Why was I the only one who saw the tail? Who was in the woods? Why were they there?

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