horrorflash entry, enjoy!
One Night
One Night, A horrorflash entry, enjoy!
Jamie tucked Theo bed, what a piece of work he had been. She was babysitting for a family friend who lived on the other side of town, she huffed and leaned against the door frame before exiting the little boys room. She marched over to the little girl, Darcy’s, room. Jamie couldn’t lie, she just loved Darcy, she was such a sweet little thing. Jamie tip toed in and a small smile spread across her freckled cheeks, Darcy had fallen asleep already, Jamie didn’t want to wake her up so she just turned off the light and exited the room promptly. She hopped down the stairs, trying, and failing, to dodge the loose floorboard, it creaked loudly and she winced. It sounded so loud in the eerie quiet and it sent shivers up her spine. She plopped down on the couch and flicked on the telley, turning the volume down.
“Shoot” she muttered, she had told the parents that she would call them after the kids were in bed. She turned the light to find the phone and jumped when she saw a clown standing in the corner of the room, at first she thought it was real and she stifled a terrified scream. She relaxed slightly when she realized it was a statue. She scrambled out of the room and found the phone. She dialled the mothers’ number, the mother picked up after one ring.
“Oh um hey, you wanted me to call?”
“Oh yes! Jamie, how was your evening?’
“It was wonderful thanks!”
“Were my lovelies good to you?”
Jamie paused, and decided to tell the truth. “To be honest Theo was a wee bit of a pain, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Darcy was great!”
“Oh well I will talk to Theo about behaviour later.”
“Alright, is that all?”
“Yes dear, we will be home in an hour.”
Jamie’s thumb hovered over end call but at the last minute she decided to ask the mother about the clown statue.
“Wait! Mrs. Daren?”
“Oh yes honey?’’
“I just had a question.”
Jamie cleared her throat, why was she so nervous.
“I was just wondering about the clown statue in the family room, why exactly is it there??” She asked cautiously. The other end of the call went silent.
“Hello, Mrs. Daren?” She said.
Mrs. Darens’ voice returned, urgent this time.
“Get yourself and the kids out of the house Jamie.” She urged.
“We don’t have a clown statue in our living room.”
Hey dearies! Thanks for reading! And thank you Storybird for the challenge! It was a blast!
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