One Summer On Clemmet Beach
From the moment Megan Pope opened her eyes she knew it was going to be a horrible day. It just had that sinking “Ugh its a cold rainy Monday and I wanna go back to sleep” feeling. Unfortunately that’s exactly what it was.
Except it was a Friday. And the last day of school. Now with most kids, the last day of school is a joyous occasion, in which they are set free from homework and cold classroom’s for weeks of blissful summer sun. But for Megan it was pure torture. No books. No school. she could barely wait until the summer was over. But to Megan’s despair it had just begun.
“We have no troubles life is just bubbles! Under the sea!” sang Megan’s The little mermaid Alarm clock. She rolled over and sleepily slammed the button down to make it stop. Unfortunately right when she did that her little brother burst into her room screaming “MEGGY MEGGY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!” surprised, she swatted it with her arm and it crashed to the floor making a loud bang.
That woke her up.
“MAX! QUIT DOING THAT NOW WILL YOU!?” she screamed. “YOU SCARED ME! AND I THINK UP BROKE MY ALARM CLOCK! I’VE HAD THAT SINCE I WAS 8! THANKS A LOT YOU LITTLE.....” she droned on and on. Max looked at her sadly as his big five year old eyes filled with tears. “Sorry Meggy.” She sighed.
“Whatever. just don’t you wake me up like that again.” He nodded okay.
“Now scram. I have school today. For one last day, And need to find something to wear. “
Ten minutes later Megan hopped down the stairs,wearing old ripped up jeans and a blue t-shirt. Her mother who was standing over the waffle iron, counting the seconds until it was done sighed. “Megan could you please find something more well I don’t know...PRESENTABLE to wear to school?” She flopped in the kitchen chair pulling her converse over her feet. “No Mom no I can’t.”
“Fine.” Her mother turned over the iron then looked at Megan who was sinking low into the chair trying not to be seen.
“Oh by the way we got a call from aunt Lu last night. She’s inviting for you and Max to go stay the summer at her place that beach house up in Maine.” “WHAT! please say no I have better ways to spend my summer, then sitting on a beach, in one of the coldest states in the whole flipping country!”
“Like what sitting in your room? No your father and I think It will be healthy for you.You need some fresh air.”
Megan looked across the table at her father who was reading the morning paper from last Sunday. He nodded absentmindedly, gave a little “Mmhm” and continued reading. “So pack your suitcase” Her mother continued. “you’re leaving tomorrow.”
Megan sank even farther down the chair. It was gonna be one long summer.
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