One Summer On Clemmet Beach
“Whatever! Fine. Ship me off to some lunatic’s house for the summer. See if I care ”
Megan grabbed her backpack, and swung it over her shoulder with one sweep. Angrily glaring, she stomped up the stairs ignoring her mother’s cries of “Wait! you didn’t eat breakfast!” And stood by the window watching the pouring rain fall outside.
With a sigh she remembered she had dumb “what are you going to do over the summer?” homework last night and had to pack up the papers.
Megan shoved all of her school stuff in her binder with excruciating fury, slamming one into another over and over till all were packed. She couldn’t believe this. This wasn’t happening.
Out off all the people in this world, the absolute worst one to spend a summer with was aunt Lu. She was insane! Other people called her “spirited” or said she had a “strong personality” but Megan refused to sugar coat things. Aunt Lu was mental.
Megan had hardly ever even met her! Only once had she seen her, At a family reunion, where Aunt Lu had run back and forth screaming “FOR AMERICA! FOR FREEDOM!” And now she was was inviting us to her house? For a whole summer? Something was off.
And of course her idiot parents were shipping her off. Maybe she could get her best friend Alina to come. That would at least make a summer with Lu and max bearable...She grabbed her phone and sent her a text.
Meggybear1218 Alina! GUESS WHAT :(
Princesslina Hey meg. what up?
Princesslina Um...sry?
Meggybear12188 Wanna come?
Meggybear12188 Please
Meggybear12188 PLEASE????
Princesslina Yeah. Right. No. sorry Meg. I gotta go. school. see u there.
Megan rolled of her bed and hit the floor with a crash,slamming her head into the corner of her bed “OW OW OW!” she screamed then looked at her (Now dented thanks to max) Alarm clock\clock.
It flashed 7:45. Megan groaned. She was late. School started at 8:00. And the bus came at 7:15.
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