April 2018 challenge
Books, stories, writings, oh my!
Little words line up and group themselves,
Little sentences start to form.
Paragraphs form, pages turn, wide eyes grow.
Words dance, voices sing.
Pencils, typewriters, pens, ink
Deciding how to write the ending.
Reading, rereading, read again
Perfect, make perfect, redo, not yet done.
Mind races, heart pounds, all the characters run around.
Shed a tear at a death
Take back what you said about ‘happy ending’
Recreate the thing that stands out the most.
Writers are authors
Readers are a crazy kind of person
Books bond us, let us speak,
Let us reach what we dream to be.
Stories don’t judge,
Stories pull us in, cast a spell.
Because we are writers and readers alike,
We all know that it’s okay to be what people call crazy.
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