No matter how hard you try, some things can’t change
Oranges Don’t Fall from an Apple Tree
Chapter 1
‘Smarty Sparkly Savannah’. Trust me, I am well aware that it sounds cringey, but that’s been my nickname for the past eight years of my entire school and home life.
Not to mention that it could only be thanks to my dad. His only wish for me is to forever remain his ‘Smarty Sparkly Savannah’. I kind of hope it does stay that way though, despite all the looks I still get from my longtime neighbors. Although I have a good feeling that I will no matter how old and wrinkly I get.
This very catchphrase has stuck with my friends as well, just like how super glue sticks to almost anything it happens to come into contact with. Even they cannot quite get enough of it, considering we’re in Grade 8. So much so that it is now a part of our morning school routine.
Ever since I can remember, it’s been every day that my dad hollers it out at me from our rusty yet intact 40-year-old Toyota, “Have a spectacular day, my Smarty Sparkly Savannah!” I’m a little surprised that the car doesn’t sway back and forth by his low manly voice everytime he calls me that. Something about sound waves and sound intensity that we briefed about in science class a few months ago.
To my added embarrassment, the windows are rolled all the way down (like they have always been as soon as he starts the car) as he drops me off at school.
I’m not complaining though.
It’s one of the vividly clear memories I hope that I will always have of our scheduled time with one another. The warm, misty air playfully messing my hair up and causing it to billow around my face during this time of the year. We make sure that we always wave Mummy goodbye from the driveway: that also being something I hope to never forget.
This time around, however, the air has got a slightly different feel to it, something like signaling our near entry into high school just three shy months away.
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