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What in the name of!!!
“Come down this instant Klye” my mother yells as my friend shows up for my 16th birthday party, first one here that’s promising. Sigh this can’t happen again oh well “Coming mom” let’s see who it is-
“OHMYGOODNESS” I gasped “Lindy why are you here I haven’t seen you in forever” okay so Lindy has been my friend since 3rd grade we really got close over the years. “Two weeks is not forever plus I got you the best present ever” aww I love Lindy so much she got me a Hamilton CD. I absolutely love Hamilton and if somebody says it stinks they probably only listened to two out of the forty eight songs. “Soooo do you still like that boy in 3rd period” she said making googly eyes at me as to make me blush. “No I don’t ” I said “Aww why not” “Personal reasons, now let’s listen to this CD” all night we talked,partied, and sang all night long.
Until the sun went down we went out then it all started to get fuzzy it felt like I was sitting on something. I ate and had some water then went in the bathroom I washed my face and took off my hoodie and took off my skirt and looked if I had something on my under shorts “What in the name of. LINDY!!!” I stood there for a few seconds and “YES MY CHILD!!!” Lindy burst through the main door of the bathroom I’m guessing she almost broke it in half “I-I’m in here” I had already unlocked the stall door. She slammed open the door and screeched.

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