Over The Hills And Far Away
My House
My name is Annabel and I am ten years old. I live in a small cottage with my family.
It’s a little wood cottage, with a stone chimney. In winter you can see the smoke rising out of it. In summer there are plants growing up the stone base.
It’s a pretty little cottage.
I don’t mind living in the woods, but it can get lonely sometimes. That is why I want to move to the city. The city is full of people, so you can’t get lonely. The city has lots of food, so you never have to go hunting. I tell these reasons to my parents but they just say, “You would be happier living in the woods than in that horrible city.” Oh how I do wish we lived there.
“Annabel! Get over here now!” My mom yelled from just outside the door.
“I’m coming!” I yell back stuffing the rest of my toast in my mouth. I put on my thick fur coat and solid leather boots.
“What took you so long!?!” My mom snaps when I get outside.
“I had to eat.” I say picking up my bow and arrows.
“You could have eaten later.” My mom says. “At the rate you where going, we would not have been able to hunt before Jack comes.”
“I’m sorry.” I say following her through the trees. “I’ll eat faster next time.”
“Good.” My mom says. She stops to study some hoof prints in the snow.
“What are we hunt...” I start.
“Shhh!” My mom hisses though her teeth. She has seen a young deer just a few feet away. I raise my bow and load it with an arrow. I hold my breath as I pull back the string, not wanting the animal to sense my presence. Looking the animal strait in the eye I release.
I put down my fork, swallowing the delicious stew my mom had made. I turn to face Jack. “What is the city like?” I ask.
My brother smiles and says, “You wouldn’t like it.” Than goes back to eating his stew.
“But what was in the city?” I ask him. Hopefully I would get some answers this time.
“Houses, shops, people. You know, the kind of stuff cities have.” He replies standing up. He is holding his empty plate, obviously going to wash it. I stand up too, and follow him into the kitchen.
“What do the houses look like? What’s in the shops? Are the people nice?” I ask as I scrub my plate clean.
“The houses look like houses.” He replies.
“The shops?” I ask again.
“The shops sell things.” He says vaguely. “You wouldn’t like it there.”
“And the people?” I persist with my questions, ignoring his last comment.
“I already told you, you wouldn’t like it.” He says again. I sigh putting away my plate. Jack heads over to the fire to site with the rest of the family. Normally I would go sit with them too, but I’m to mad at Jack for not answering my questions. So I just head over to the bedroom that I share with mom. Laying down I think of what Jack had said. You wouldn’t like it. But what wouldn’t I like about it? I close my eyes still thinking about what could be in the city.
I must have fallen asleep at some point because when I open my eyes there is sunlight streaming through the window. I can smell the scent of freshly baked bread and I can hear the clang on metal on metal. I get out of bed and walk into the kitchen. My mom is mixing bread batter in a metal bowl, that would explain the clanging I had heard. My dad is over at the sink washing an empty bread pan, and Jack is sitting at the table cutting a loaf of warm bread into pieces. I head over and sit down beside him, “What’s going on?”
“Mom decided we were going to have a backing day. You know, where we bake all day long.” He says handing me a piece of the bread. I take a bite, the wonderful taste of fresh bread fills my mouth.
“Mmm!” I exclaim. “This is really good bread!”
“I’m glad you like it.” My mom says pouring bread batter into the clean pan. My dad walks over and sits down with us. “So, is there anything specific you want to bake.” He takes a piece of bread and shoves the hole thing in his mouth before Jack or I even have a chance to answer.
“Let’s make soup. To go with the bread.” I say.
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