Kendall ISN’T smart, strong, or pretty. she’s a rider
2035 Population Problems
I’m Kendall. I’m sixteen, I live in Oklahoma. I’m just a girl, a girl who is obsessed with horses. You may be thinking, “are you smart? Pretty? Talkative? Friendly? Maybe you’re strong? Sporty, even? My answer is “no.” I’m not a very social, and not very many boys are into red-heads. I’m not stylish, I’m not good at acting..... I’m just Kendall! But when I’m on horses, I feel free. I feel happy, excited, just overjoyed! If I was competitive, I would enter contests. But I’m not. Normally, my low grades are not a huge problem, since I’ll just be a professional rider one day. But now they are a problem, a monstrous one. You see, I live in the year 2035. You might be reading this in safety from the year 2015. But in 2035, things are different. Like many people expected, we got even more advanced in our technology. We have cars that drive themselves, vacuums that vacuum themselves, ovens that decide what heat to turn too, and iPhone 600’s. Now you might be thinking, “that sounds awesome!” And for a while, it was. Until the science industry began to take over. It’s called SIT, Science Industry of Technology. There is one for every state, so ours is SITO. It was innocent at first, but then things started to change. They made this machine that attached to your brain and made you more “smart” with the help of technology. SAM, or “Smarter And More,” was the mastermind and each scientist got surgery to put a chip in their brain to connect them to SAM. After that, everyone trusted the scientists. So when they told the USA we didn’t need a president, everyone agreed. They “fired” the president, and were supposed to send him to Hawaii where he could relax, but I have a feeling they.... killed him. Afterwards, the senate, court, and representatives were also “fired.” The scientists became the supreme court, senate, representatives, president. They controlled the USA, and everything changed. They made the school only teach science, so many children don’t even know how to read or spell. I do, since when I was six the scientists were still.... normal. They also fired teachers and replaced them with robots. Heartless robots who are never understanding. Now they have a HUGE problem, because there is a massive population, and not enough jobs or houses. After months of thinking, they came up with something so horrible that nobody liked the scientists anymore. They decided that every state only needed two of every “kind” of people. Two teachers, two bakers, two vets, two actresses, two ballerinas, two of everything! The limits to getting to live were that you had to be between sixteen and fifty, weigh less than two hundred pounds, and be very talented at your “job.” They would determine the best two by an intelligence test and a showcase. The test was a normal test like SAT’s, and they decided what grades you will need to get for your job. Like a doctor needs to get 95 or higher, but a baker only has to get over a 80. At the showcase, you demonstrate your talent. The test was tomorrow, and I knew I would do poorly. I just prayed it would be okay, and that my parents and I would be spared.
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