A Diesease
Dear B. G. N. A,
I refuse to let you cast a shadow over my family, anymore. You’ve done nothing but take, take, and take, and you’ve used my sister to spread the wretched disease, just because she’s immune. You’ve exposed us all to danger, the whole county, as well. Maybe even the world.
Did you know that Sabine, my little sister, has been cast out? She didn’t even know she was a carrier of The Pall, because it was you that infected her. We don’t even know where she is, and she hasn’t even reached her eighth birthday. She’s all alone, Admiral, although theres nothing Admiral about you!
And yes, Admiral, I’ve seen you shaking, trembling, your eyes red. I’ve seen the way you wear long sleeves in the Summer, to cover up those nasty bumps up your arms. Your finely chiseled features have stopped being so handsome- you’ve broken out into hives. You’ve tried to deny it- but that’s the way fate works. You released The Pall, and you’ll pay the consequences. No matter how many medals you’ve gotten, it no longer matters. You’re just as infected as anyone else, you have the same life as anyone else. When you finally realise it, you’ll know what you’ve done, and don’t come running to me to find a cure. Not when you’ve done this to my family.
Don’t come looking for me. I’m leaving the country, on the last boat out of here. With my research, I’ve stopped Sabine from being a carrier, since she was already immune, but you never gave me adequate time to figure out the cure to The Pall. Great job, on your part, Admiral. We know that you’ll come looking for us, but you can’t leave, not when the whole country is under quarantine the hour after I leave.
So, in the end, we were never really friends, were we? Oddly enough, I thought we were. Strange that you were only sweet to me when you wanted something. That should have been the first red flag. How many others had I missed? The one where you hardly ever spoke to me about the project, how you ignored me whenever you chose to, how you never gave anywhere close to as much as I have you. Anyways, it doesn’t matter. Not anymore. And because of you, it never will.
We’ve taken Petty Officer Ryans and his family with us. Heavens knows, you’ve put them through enough. So much for all your hollow promises of a better life, Admiral. We’re going somewhere without The Pall, and without you.
And, by the way- half of your agency is already infected, thanks to you.
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