A short story about bulying
The sunlight shone through my window, a lying promise of a good day. I didn’t want to get up, but I did, I did and they came. They came in a blue light, flooding my room like a fire. Click. Click. “You think ur SOOO great. But ur not.”. “Nice fail I bet u got a F”. “Suck it up ur never going to be good”. I felt my face wet. I winced. Click. Click. Why did they hurt me? Why was I so broken?
Mackenzie is online.
Ella is online
Ella:Hey girl. What’s up?
Mackenzie: nothin much
Ella: same
Ella: wanna come to my place
Mackenzie: do u think my art sucks
Ella: No way girl, Makie u r the best artist I know
Makenzie: thx :)
Ella: gtg see u at 3:00
Makenzie: k
Ella: cu
Mackenzie: cu 2
Ella is offline
Mackenzie is offline
Click click. Email opened. Click click. Message deleted.
I smiled. A+ on my artwork. Click click. Facebook open. Post. Hey A+ artwork here :). That’ll teach that bully.
He was online. Stupid bully. Evil bully. Hateful bully.
Bruiser joined chat.
Mackenzie joined chat.
Bruiser: hey I saw ur awful art
Makenzie: call it what u want, got a A+, bet u didn’t do any good.
Bruiser: more like F+
Mackenzie: call it what u want loser, I still have more friends then u.
Bruiser is offline
Mackenzie is offline.
Click click.
Facebook. There was a new post. Click. Open. Bully prevention. 90% of bullies have bad lives at home, we need to be kind not retaliate, to keep our community happy. Wince. Pain. What have I done. This kid. Hurt? Did I. What.
I looked at the sky. Still a bright blue. Click. Click. Msg bruiser.
Bruiser: what do you want.
Mackenzie: im sry
Bruiser: for what.
Mackenzie: for what I said, srsly u ok?
Mackenzie: u rly shouldn’t bully people
Bruiser: ya what u gonna do about it?
Mackenzie: I’m going to tell you to stop and that that’s not how to make friends
Mackenzie: and it doesn’t make u seem cooler
Bruiser: I know...
Mackenzie: :)
Bruiser: nobody likes me y should I like them
Mackenzie: that’s not true.
Bruiser: I’m Ben.
Ben.. The boy who sat in the corner all day. The kid who every1 cyber bullied. The kid I cyber bullied. The kid who claimed to have forgiven us. But... Then why... Why?
Mackenzie: 0-0
Mackenzie: I’m sry I though u forgave me 4 that
Mackenzie: I’ve done some things I regret.. But haven’t we all? Lets forget the past, the past is behind us.
Mackenzie: let’s go back to being friends ok?
Benjamin04: ok
Maybe the sun was not lying after all

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The Corner Kid(Bruiser)

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